Ferret Care – Outdoor Safety

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16 Responses

  1. Sophie Fletcher
    | Reply

    I have a bell I ring everytime i give my ferrets a treat so If I lose track of where they are ill can walk around ringing it and they'll come running. It was my dad's idea and I really recommend it as a tip (:

  2. MinYoongi'sSwagAndJimin'sSmolHands
    | Reply

    I live in Florida and it's hot and there are a lot of hawks and crocodiles and other predators. I will never be able to take them outside.

  3. sultan haider
    | Reply

    0_0 sooooooo adorable but 2 bad i cant afford 1  

  4. Heather Woertendyke
    | Reply

    i really hope my ferret doent get out

  5. Golden Orchid
    | Reply

    I have heard that people use ferrets for rabbit hunting. They put the ferret in the rabbit hole and it scares the rabbit out of its hole. I wonder about this. I don't have a ferret still researching weather I really want one or not. I don't want to loose my hypothetical ferret, but if it could scare a rabbit out of my garden that would be a nice bonous to having one.

  6. MrJuiceBox99
    | Reply

    Very lucky!!! 😀

  7. TomsNum1Fan
    | Reply

    yea I was quite panicked and the bad thing is is that we live off of a nature persuve with animal that would make him lunch very happy he came back

  8. MrJuiceBox99
    | Reply

    They are very smart creatures and when they bond with their owners they do some amazing things. You got to see this first hand

  9. TomsNum1Fan
    | Reply

    My ferret left out the doggy door and found his way back

  10. frefr rgregre
    | Reply

    i mean yeah ferrets are like super smart my ferret on time i was washing it bed and forgot to put some thing in their they both go up and go in to their tube and a other time my ferret fell down the vent the other ferret keep scratching into my bro came and look and he reachecd down their and got her lucky rite i know

  11. frefr rgregre
    | Reply

    my ferret love the outdoors but my ferrets are baby so i got to keep a watch on them but i still love them

  12. fourtwenty sloth
    | Reply

    wash it then you idiot.

  13. Kyle Kelliher
    | Reply

    my ferret shivers when he is outside under 50 degrees. when its chilly he is just happy to hide in my pocket. he likes to explore but he wont go too far. he will keep coming back to me every few seconds. guess I just got lucky with mine.

  14. Nick Hall
    | Reply

    your very pretty!!!

  15. curly364
    | Reply

    I also currently have a male ferret. Hes got outside several times and he always comes back. He will either wait patiently at the back door or walk all the way around to the front door and wait for someone to let him in. Ferrets are actally pretty smart and Its not always true that once their outside they will never come back. I wouldnt recommend letting them out but just because they get outside doesnt mean they wont ever come back home.

  16. curly364
    | Reply

    When I was a teen I had a female ferret. She got outside twice. Once she was gone for two days and I was sitting out on my porch and she came running up to me. The other time she got out and apparently got underneath my dads car. He drove it and went to my grandmas house which is like 10 mins away from where I live. A few mins later after my dad was already inside my grandmas house my ferret ran up on my grandmas porch waiting at the door.

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