Ferret Care : How to Make a Ferret Cage

To make a ferret cage, follow the general specifications of a commercial cage, make sure it is long and multi-leveled, secure all sides and the door of the c…

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44 Responses

  1. babych98
    | Reply

    @squirlyk8 why not?

  2. Mich Horan
    | Reply

    does anybody notice that hes shaking

  3. 3g00fy4
    | Reply

    @squirlyk8 Why? i dont use litter boxes and put double layered newpaper in
    the corners so that they poop on them.

  4. prozack12
    | Reply

    hahah best commetn of the day

  5. da1nonlydoron
    | Reply

    @squirlyk8 why? whats wrong with news paper?

  6. RainAndSun890
    | Reply


  7. Joyce Tijmstra
    | Reply

    Why dont use newspaper in the ferrets cage? because of the ink ? (i dont do
    it,, just want to ask it :3 )

  8. Spherical07
    | Reply

    @belizabeth06 The ink can cause them to become sick, this also goes for all
    small animals. I would maybe try a rabbit cage liner, cheap or old towels,
    or old clothes (t-shirts). CareFresh bedding is made from paper though. Its
    a good bedding that is really absorbent, and you don’t need to use a lot.

  9. CheapFerretCage
    | Reply

    I personally think it is a great idea to build your own cage, it really
    makes you focus on the safest way to keep your ferrets, as each time you do
    anything for the cage, it will make you consider every possible accident
    and prevent it! Great video.

  10. Sean Bennett
    | Reply

    whyy because you can use shredded newspaper

  11. Spherical07
    | Reply

    @KittyzKatterz Ferrets, like most small animals, do not like to be squeaky
    clean. They have certain oils, which cause the odor, that they like to
    smell. Its hard to explain, but they have a natural odor just like we do.
    They do not like to wash this away, and when you do they work twice as hard
    to reproduce that odor. In short, do not bathe your ferret unless its
    absoultely necessary.

  12. belizabeth06
    | Reply

    @squirlyk8 what is wrong with using newspaper in the ferret cage?

  13. squirlyk8
    | Reply

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE NEVER put newspaper in the ferret cage!!! Give them
    old clothes or towels

  14. Cassandra Taylor
    | Reply

    I just use old sheets that are comfy and wash them in the washing machine
    when they get dirty or smelly.

  15. Zackachu
    | Reply

    This told me nothing about MAKING a cage….

  16. Ammara Abid
    | Reply

    Can you use wood shavings for a ferret?

  17. Kiersten Murphy
    | Reply

    No it makes my ferrets super dirty and and ferrets also have sensitive paws
    and wood shavings can damage there paws and noses and might get in there
    eyes fleece is much better it is soft but a little harder to clean when
    ferrets have accidents

  18. Cuming For You
    | Reply

    Would those cat things with the hanging balls be good for ferrets? Would
    they like them?

  19. Nick Allen
    | Reply

    I’m a ferret, and I approve of this message.

  20. Sue Willetts
    | Reply

    @Mr12gman12 … as a minimum realy , it depends how long fuzzy will be in
    there between play times .. the bigger the better is the best rule …
    fuzzies are v active and need mental stimulation or WILL get mental health
    issues, and no one likes a ferret that bites to the bone!!

  21. squirlyk8
    | Reply

    I’ve heard that the inkt that is being used is very poisonous and the
    ferrets (aspecially mine) like to eat everything that thay can, including
    paper. It can get constipated and they could get very sick. Alot of people
    also use sawdust but it is alson VERY bad for them, for their longues

  22. Jordan Hamann
    | Reply

    that supposed to be the minimum size the bigger the better

  23. Martin Hove
    | Reply

    @sherbert500 HAHA!

  24. McKinney1500
    | Reply


  25. DerdleDoo
    | Reply

    Lordy lordy, the views on this video is 4040! I wonder if anyone will get
    that reference lol.

  26. plazmaproductions
    | Reply

    does any1 know were to get a outdoor ferret cage

  27. hypernova20
    | Reply

    just buy a proffesional cage from a good company…becuase u dont want
    sharp or unsafe corners…soft floor..towels..hamik,,,bowls. water bottle
    for ferrets that like bottles. or bowls too… wood pellets for
    litter…not wool shavings . would shavings I hear have oils that are bad
    for ferrets

  28. gordon sawyer
    | Reply

    is 6 feet long and 2 feet high and 2 feet wide good for a ferret cage

  29. LilSzoszo
    | Reply

    @spoofsandshit The IDEAL size for 1 ferret is 2’x2’x2′

  30. terdXmonster
    | Reply

    Question!!! my ferret loves 2 play in the shower but i was told not 2 let
    her 2 often because it dryes out there skin i dont use any soap or anything
    on her she just likes 2 run through the water i was wondering how often i
    should let her in?

  31. Eric P
    | Reply

    wow you didnt say how to make one. you just said all the stuff you need in
    a ferret cage

  32. the0lurking0shadow
    | Reply

    mine is 6 foot by 12 foot 😀

  33. minivor
    | Reply

    any body now any stores in oragon or washington were u can ubuy a ferret

  34. Brody S
    | Reply

    ferrets are just like cats 😛

  35. spoofsandshit
    | Reply

    thanks dude and if i get ONE ferret what is IDEAL size for the cage

  36. shotgunpi
    | Reply

    why not newspaper?

  37. XxXTaigerLillyXxX
    | Reply

    ferrets dont use the litterbox “just like cats” they can be trained to know
    that a litterbox is to poop in. but they arent as strict at usuing it as

  38. Cindafukinrella
    | Reply

    Ferrets LUUUURV lots of shredded news news paper, news paper is great !!!

  39. 3g00fy4
    | Reply

    oooo my ferret lives in a shed in my backyard over night only. inside we
    have all these creationsand games like we have a shelf and stairs r
    reclined on it so she can go up and down. Most of the day she is loose in
    our house.

  40. janetwill81
    | Reply

    im going to use a old pillow with a old towel on top of it

  41. englishrider06
    | Reply

    never Corn cob bedding they can get sick its VERY VERY DUSTY

  42. mojojtr
    | Reply


  43. FerretFancy
    | Reply

    @sherbert500 xd

  44. stinking polecat
    | Reply

    i always use shredded newspaper dont use whole sheets of newspaper as the
    ferrets may learn to read and become terrorists or gay………

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