Ferret Care : How to Litter Train a Ferret

Litter training a ferret generally comes naturally to the animal if a shallow litter pan and ferret-approved litter is placed in the cage. Praise the ferret …

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41 Responses

  1. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    you can use wood stove pellets they work great and they are cheep

  2. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    no you cant but wood stove pellets work great and there cheep

  3. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    ferrets have happier lives with a second ferret that he or she can curl up with and get your ferret desexed becuase if females go into heat with being breed then she WILL get apasticanemea (sorry dont know to spell the disease) and die a very painful depressing death. also males will get agressive durring mateing season and ferret will smell ALOT males and females it is also very complicated to breed ferrets so dont try it leave it to the pros. another thing to do is check out PartyFerret.

  4. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    no it well retain the smell and do your research

  5. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    dont use clay litter because they like to wipe there bottoms and it could get stuck in the butt hole

  6. LyleVertigo
    | Reply

    The problem with litter is that ferrets will love to play with it instead sometimes and make a big mess.

    I found that using those “potty pads” can be a real good alternative, just prop one against a corner and weigh it down.

  7. Kitty Kat
    | Reply

    i watched one of your other videos a cuople minutes ago and i forgot to say that we found my ferret and he was sweet and we dont know his background and we cant train him! what should we do?!?!

  8. krumpll
    | Reply

    im thinking of getting a ferret, i had a hamster before but she died, and i have a crate full of carefresh litter. can i use that as litter in the litterbox?

  9. HawnaRandom
    | Reply

    I’ve got one ferret. Use to have two. He seems pretty happy anyway. I can’t see any different acting with him and with the other two I had before. He is still a baby and love to play. Playing with him all the time. I’m having a big cage for him when I’m not at home. And some toys for him to play with wile I’m gone. Some ferrets don’t even like companions as other ferrets. Just SOME. But If you have a opportunity to buy a 2nd ferret. Do so, but just having one works great.

  10. HawnaRandom
    | Reply

    Yes. Female ferrets can die if they are not being breeded every year. If you buy a female ferret, and have no plans on breading with her. You’ll have to neuter her.

  11. chris criado
    | Reply


  12. SmokingPig11
    | Reply

    im getting a ferret and it is going to be called “Special K”

  13. jimmymagnum07
    | Reply

    @citrina05 well this is my first ferret, I wanted one for ages but didnt actually know much about them when I got one, so everything I know has been learnt off the one I have now 🙂

  14. Citrina05
    | Reply

    all ferrets do in corners

  15. janetwill81
    | Reply

    i seen on a sight/video that female ferrets can die if not breeded every year or something. please answer me.

  16. Dogz4Life225
    | Reply

    Hey i know this doesnt have anything 2 do with the video,BUT WAS WONDERING DO A FERRET NEVER A 2ND FERRERT TO PLAY WITH EVEN IF THE OWNER PLAYS WITH THEM PLENTY??and if so does it matter what sex the ferret is friend is

  17. jimmymagnum07
    | Reply

    worked great for me, mine even instinctly knows to go for a wee/poo before i even get him out, i guess mines just clever or something. my ferret was like 5 months old when i trained him though and hes just turned 1, so maybe you have to get them young i dont know, een before the litter tray hed only ever do his business in corners anyway for some reason 😀

  18. Citrina05
    | Reply

    Well that didn’t worked for me, the litter box maybe is the most cleanest space in the cage 

  19. Citrina05
    | Reply

    I have same problem :/

  20. KendallwithaK
    | Reply

    haha mine too! She sleeps in her litter box even though she has 3 Places to sleep.

  21. XxXTaigerLillyXxX
    | Reply

    not really. clumping cat litter is bad for for them. also if they root around in it the litter will block their noses. yesterdays new works best 😉

  22. nova kun
    | Reply

    can u use cat litter for them

  23. Kiri380
    | Reply

    My ferret is a nut. He goes out of his way to avoid the litter box. >.<

  24. xXxhalfapenniesworth
    | Reply

    Anything without dust….newspaper pellets work and he was wrong…ferrets dont eat the litter, they are allergic to the dust in it… thats why your ferret sneezes when she comes out of a dusty environment or out of cat litter. Corn litter works too

  25. jimmymagnum07
    | Reply

    putting his poo in the littter tray is a great idea thanks 🙂 and mine just makes an effort to drag it away from the corner then poo on the corner of his hutch/cage :p

  26. meyarz
    | Reply

    that litter box would be useless it needs to be shallow as they just tend reverse and poop!!

  27. DerdleDoo
    | Reply

    well I bought her from a Petsmart so she was already up to date on everything but she still needs the booster because she’s so young (9 weeks).

  28. WheresWaldoTV
    | Reply

    so like 3 weeks after you get it you take it in for a booster shot? and im getting one at the end of this week.. im freakin scared that it will have a diesseise =(

  29. DerdleDoo
    | Reply

    I take her in for a booster in about 3 weeks and that’s around 20 dollars.

  30. WheresWaldoTV
    | Reply

    how much do the shots cost?

  31. DerdleDoo
    | Reply

    I just got my ferret yesterday. She uses the litter box but I don’t think she understands that it’s the litter box and not just the corner of the cage.

  32. movingsustenance
    | Reply

    TO EVERYONE WHO HAS QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO LITTER TRAIN THEIR FERRET- Google the words “How to Litter Train a Stubborn Ferret” and read the article. It answers all of these questions or gives instructions that make them unnecessary. For example- @cheyann7 – Put a “starter poo” in the litter box so that your ferret knows it’s a toilet and not a dig box! The article also recommends using spring clamps from a hardware store to secure boxes because they are removable and cheap – lots of great advice

  33. Tristan Johnson
    | Reply

    you dont have to put so much litter in

  34. blamsamblam87
    | Reply

    zip ties

  35. cheyann7
    | Reply


  36. movingsustenance
    | Reply

    Sorry, I’m also a volunteer at a large ferret shelter, and we use larger boxes. Experts always encourage using the larger boxes (Ferret Central, etc). Those little boxes are sold because they fit well in the little cages that are sold at pet stores. And many, many of the products in the ferret sections (cages, food, treats, harnesses, etc) of pet stores are NOT ideal. I’m glad your shelter has good luck with the corner pans, but I think that’s the exception, not the norm.

  37. bucks021
    | Reply

    what if ur ferrett keeps pushing the box out of way to poop in the corner?

  38. movingsustenance
    | Reply

    It also seems a little small. Many people report much better success rates when the ferret can fit their whole body in the pan in both directions. For example, in my own long experience, the corner pans sold in most pet stores are almost worthless.

    Ferrets do not take to litter pans as readily as cats, but WITH GOOD INFORMATION, even stubborn older ferrets can be taught. If that’s you, don’t give up! Look for better advice than this and do what it takes to improve the situation ; )

  39. movingsustenance
    | Reply

    Nice try, but there is a lot wrong with this.

    DO NOT use clay or silicone litter with ferrets. Their bums ALWAYS get in the litter (unlike cats), then they clean themselves and swallow it. The litter MUST be safe to ingest! (It must also be dust-free, especially if wood-based, because ferrets ferrets have sensitive respiratory systems.)

    That litter pan is too high unless one side were cut down- many ferrets would poo in front of it rather than climb in.

  40. youtourofyouniverse
    | Reply

    get them neutered and descent them. it helps a ton i hear!

  41. FlipFreeza
    | Reply

    could you guys make a movie on how to keep ferrets smelling good or if you already have one can you send me the link
    Thanks =)

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