Ferret Care : How to House a Ferret

House a ferret in a commercial, multilevel ferret cage using non-edible bedding, a shallow litter pan, a ferret-designed food bowl and a hanging water bottle…

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8 Responses

  1. Justin Kovalik
    | Reply

    I have two ferrets and I let them out all over my apartment lol they are
    litter box trained and pretty much just hang out with my dog all day in his

  2. terdXmonster
    | Reply

    thx for the info just bought new ferret i have lots of experience with dogs
    n cats and a little it with rats guinepigs (cant spell 😛 ) lizards
    rabbits… but ferrets seem 2 have a lot more upkeep not 4 everybody but so
    far she is doing great

  3. melaughnot2often
    | Reply

    @katoudupuis and of course a trip to the vet is in order. could be an
    adrenal tumor or somethin, but since they are both in the same state i
    doubt it. probably from being neglected..

  4. Ferret-World
    | Reply

    Actually ferrets tend to drink more water from water bowls allowing them to
    be more hydrated. Water bottles are ok to have along with a water bottle in
    the cage but your ferret will be much better hydrated drinking out of a
    water bowl.

  5. katherine dupuis
    | Reply

    i have a question … i have 2 ferrets that i got 4 days ago there 4 & 5
    years old and i got them from someone who couldent have them anymore….and
    they are really small like half the size of any i see in every videos …=S
    and they dont play alot there nice dont bite liter trained but they pretty
    mutch only sleep and walk arround sometime =S should i get them toys ???

  6. melaughnot2often
    | Reply

    @katoudupuis they could have a variety of problems. sadly i also got 2
    ferrets from someone who couln’t keep them. they also were small and very
    unactive. my guess was the quality of food. i lost the male shortly after,
    he never gained weight. the female i have had for 2 years now and she is
    doing great. i also suspect that these 2 rarely got out of their cage,
    which can make them severely depressed 🙁 keep them on a good diet, and
    maybe w lots of love they will progress. good luck!!

  7. Crystalight100
    | Reply

    Do you know what the difference between a fancy ferret to a normal one?

  8. razr john
    | Reply

    It would be way better if they just made one huge video

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