Ferret Care : How to Give Your Ferret a Bath

To give your ferret a bath, fill a sink half way with warm water, slowly wet the ferret with the water, gently lather the pet with diluted ferret shampoo, ri…

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20 Responses

  1. kirkland davis
    | Reply

    My ferrets swim and love it. and they haven’t got any health issues from it.

  2. Shinayah Bannister
    | Reply

    Baby shampoo is good and so is ferret just not dog or cat.

  3. MrRocha1128
    | Reply

    This wasn’t too helpful. You should have did a demo.

  4. alexa m
    | Reply

    Is it ok to use baby shampoo? I read that on a website once, that it’s ok??

  5. OmegaX2Z
    | Reply

    PS: That’s true. Of course wild ferrets would stink more… because they haven’t been spayed /neutered, and descented. Ferrets are awesome pets though.

  6. OmegaX2Z
    | Reply

    I’ve never been around wild ferrets; so perhaps. But, as a ferret owner, I can assure you, that if you over wash a ferret, you will actually make their skin produce more musk then if you hadn’t washed them at all. Many shampoos can be very harsh. Therefore, you’re locked into a buying cycle, that’s actually causing the problem to worsen. A mild ferret shampoo should be ok; but I would rarely use it. Just observation. Keeping their cage clean, is the main thing.

  7. H3cTiCRaDiATiOn
    | Reply

    Do not use dog shampoo. Cat shampoo should be ok, but it is much much better to get ferret shampoo because it has all the right stuff in it for ferrets and ferrets only.

  8. H3cTiCRaDiATiOn
    | Reply

    Also if they were in the wild, they would smell bad though :p

  9. OmegaX2Z
    | Reply

    I suggest no shampoos. The chemicals can hurt your ferret; it can also over dry their skin, which makes them produce extra oils, and increase musk smell. If they were in the wild, bathing, it would be pure water. Also. Their baths should not be in your tubs or sinks. Think of all the chemicals and soaps that touch those surfaces. Even if you clean the sinks and tubs, think of what your using: and anything can back up from the drain into their bath water. They’ll drink it as well.

  10. OmegaX2Z
    | Reply

    Here’s what I’ve done. It started out because I noticed one of my ferrets, squinting one eye. A quick Google search had me worried. I couldn’t see anything, but perhaps she had something in her eye. So. I bought a brand new huge cat litter box. Fill it with warm water… and in it she went, on her own. And it seems to have helped her eye problem. Since then. I never use no shampoos / only clean water. Fill the box with warm water / in a safe place. And let them decide if they want in it.

  11. janetwill81
    | Reply

    can u use some cat shampoo or dog shampoo for your ferret.

  12. Thrypa
    | Reply

    @Oink586, they should NOT be bathed once a month. By bathing them you encourage their skin to produce even more grease and that will make them more stinky. You’ll only end up in a vicious circle because they’ll smell more and the owner will bath them more..

  13. Damn SourShark
    | Reply

    If you’re comparing a ferret to a child…
    anyway shampoo that isn’t made for ferrets may cause irritation to their skin,
    or MAY cause skin diseases. Petco has a lot of different brands of shampoo for them that you can pick from.
    you’re ferret should hardly need a bath as it is, once every few months at the most. any more will cause their naturally oil’s that you’re washing away to go into overdrive and cause them to have even more of an odor.

  14. Oink586
    | Reply

    They should be bathed once a month…

  15. Damn SourShark
    | Reply

    I honestly wouldnt, it could be bad for their skin. their really sensitive.

  16. youtourofyouniverse
    | Reply

    Yes, you can. It works well. 🙂

  17. Haider Ali
    | Reply

    can you use baby shampoo?

  18. CheapFerretCage
    | Reply

    Ferret baths can be extremely interesting indeed, thanks for the info!

  19. 22lilbabe
    | Reply

    totally agree ^.^

  20. youtourofyouniverse
    | Reply

    or you could just use tear free baby shampoo……..

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