Ferret Care : How to Feed Your Ferret

Feed ferrets commercial diets designed for ferrets only. Use treats that are approved for ferrets and other carnivores, and consider adding a syrup supplemen…

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19 Responses

  1. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    you can just use canned pumpkin for a hairball sepliment because that cermarcial crap has lots of surgar which the obvisoisly dont need

  2. Mya Navarro
    | Reply

    thank you

  3. Dog Ferret
    | Reply

    Years ago I stopped feeding my ferrets the dry crap and switched to whole animals like rabbit pigeon dove magpie and squirrel and their condition improved 100%. Im amazed when I hear anyone advising people to feed dry food its useless.

  4. Henrika16
    | Reply

    Insulinoma in a bag…. try switching to a grain free, low carb food, like Wysong Ferret Epigen or Orijen Cat & Kitten. Nature’s Variety pre made raw is also a very easy way to introduce raw food to your ferrets diets. Just put some ferretone to get them interested in the food you are switching to, they will eat it eventually.

  5. McKayla Porter
    | Reply

    yeah i do like guys. Whats your point?

  6. TheXxgostxx
    | Reply

    dude you are gay

  7. McKayla Porter
    | Reply

    they say that your ferret food should have meat, and not meat by-products. And yet, don’t American’s eat hotdogs? Last time I checked, most hotdogs are full of meat by-product….

  8. janetwill81
    | Reply

    can u just put that supplement on their food instead of just plain if their not eating it.

  9. Mark Boston
    | Reply

    all my ferrets over the years have refused eating ferret food and only liked Friskies dry cat food

  10. Michael Ramstetter
    | Reply

    I just bought a pair of 3 year old males. The previous owner explained to me that they refused to eat ferret food, and after several tries, they settled for purina kitten chow… Apparently they’ve been eating it all their lives! I’m not quite sure what to do, if theyve been eating it all their lives, it might give their bodies a health shock if I change their diet… What do you guys think? Im going to see a vet about it this Wednesday…

  11. 4Dancingtrolls
    | Reply

    I buy Zupreem (I think thats how u spell it) ferret food, and it’s really good. Also for new ferret owners: stay away from ferret food that comes in the shape of a circle (unless its really really small) I bought a ferret food like that and my ferrets would get it stuck in their mouth and I would have to help them get it ou!!! I changed food after that and it never happened again..untill one of my ferrets found a piece of dog food lol but shes okay now =)

  12. Alexander Sovernigo
    | Reply

    Hi, i bought a ferret today and when it comes to the time to eat, she refuses to eat her ferret food. It’s dry ferret food made from chicken but she just doesn’t seem to want it. How can i make her eat her food?

  13. SgxNaaBoy
    | Reply

    eHow is waaayyyyy better than expert village

  14. cumgullet88
    | Reply

    You want to look at anything high protein. Because they can’t digest sugars and carbs very well they need something that can supplement that in the form of proteins. So anything high protein and low carbohydrate and sugars will do. If you ask either the breeder you got him/her from or the pet shop they should be able to point you in the right direction as to what he/she’s used too. Hope this helps!

  15. mcflaps
    | Reply

    what cat food do you feed it? im not sure what brand to get

  16. 123tracycc
    | Reply

    jst wandering our ferret bonnie jst had 12 babies their 2 weeks old we were going to feed them some cat milk ,as we dont think all of the babies are getting well fed, a couple of the babies are alot smaller,would u recommend cat milk or prefabley could u recomend a milk we could use ?were new to this need some help thanks

  17. cumgullet88
    | Reply

    High protein diets are the best. Dry cat food is actually quite good as its now made with a high protein conetent which they get a lot of energy from. The grain stuff is the problem because its empty cardohydrates which they derive no use from.

  18. squirlyk8
    | Reply

    Please never give your ferrets ferretone/ferretvite daily.
    It is VERY bad for their liver.

  19. greyed
    | Reply

    Cute ferret but I smiled when he refused the Ferro-vite.

    “This is good for ferrets”.


    Hehe. Fortunately my fuzziebutts love the stuff.

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