Ferret biting? What to do

Good morning! Got a ferret that’s a bit bitey? Hopefully this video can help you with that. Update 2/5/2016 The patreon benefits have changed, so check it out.

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22 Responses

  1. Kristina Washington
    | Reply

    excellent video. <3

  2. Autumn Garrett
    | Reply

    Ive found out if I yell owwww to quite loud, they stop biting, look up, and then bite less hard. Lol its progress

  3. Trinity Ginn
    | Reply

    My ferrets are currently playing in my room. Haha they love to butte when they’re playing so this is very helpful. It’s not a gentle bite haha it’s a play with me you stupid human bite 🙂 but they’re getting better at not biting

  4. J M
    | Reply

    Mine bit through me and got my tendents I couldn't move my hand were thinking about taking them back

  5. Jade Games
    | Reply

    what do you mean by scruffed

  6. Bonnie Boyer
    | Reply

    My Ferret bite me and now I’m afraid of her.

  7. RayAnn Robbins
    | Reply

    rigby (my ferret) bit my kneecap and he bit my crocs

  8. Pet Passion
    | Reply

    I just got a new baby ferret, he tends to nip a lot, he hasn't drew blood but it does hurt quite a bit, whenever i try to scruff him he thinks im playing so he nips me then runs away before i can scruff him. Someone helppp i really wanna get to a point where i can just cuddle him without being afraid :3

  9. lex winchester
    | Reply

    Hi I know this is an old vid my I have a young ferret and he latched onto me and we couldn't get him off I tryed to his and scruff him and distracted him but he didn't work I had to put my hand in his mouth to get it off me and he did the same to my nose and he got up to my face

  10. Waffles :3
    | Reply

    Thanks i got bit by my cousins fiancés ferret, but i don’t mind 🙂

  11. CanDyPoiSon
    | Reply

    What can I do when my ferret is biting my hand very hard and don't let go ? ( my ferret is deaf)

  12. Savanna Coronado
    | Reply

    What do you mean by "scruff" I have 3 ferrets, Privie, Ash, and Deporta. I just got Deporta from a rescue and she is a bitter. She doesnt bit while being held or playing but when she is in her cage and I go to let her out shell bit me, any advice or tricks or anything will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sav

  13. ❤️Torrie_Wernsman💙
    | Reply

    My ferrets probably just don’t like me

  14. Tracer
    | Reply

    my ferrets bite is aggressive. he is a male, albino and i’ve had him for 5 years now. whenever i go to play with him it’s like he thinks my hand is a female ferret but even when it’s not mating season he still bites me. i’m going to follow these instructions and hope he doesn’t do it

  15. Sean Connors
    | Reply

    I have noted that there are variations in biting force. I have found these bites communicate differing requests, so I tend to let them nip at me. Once the request is satisfied, the biting stops. Except for my Buckley. He draws blood. Buckley is always over the top. But that is his personality and I will not quash that. So we play rough. He’s a happy boy, and so are we all.

  16. Daniel M
    | Reply

    i am watching this vid bc i want a ferret and i was at petland peting one and it bite so hard i bleed got to think about this before geting a ferret

  17. Kenzi Ryan
    | Reply

    And what should I do when the same ferret bites her sister?

  18. Kenzi Ryan
    | Reply

    Every time my ferret gets a hold of me she bites me and one time is was so hard it left a mark in my foot. I have been tapping her on her nose hard but not hard enough to hurt her because abuse is never ever the answer. But I don’t know what to do. Should I start picking her up by the skin on her neck and hiss or what? And sometimes she’ll lick me and I’m like I though you didn’t like me! Is it that she thinks I taste good or..? Thank you!

  19. Fran Fbiggs
    | Reply

    Mine bites it’s cage and it’s not to small but it does

  20. Datboi playfortnut Prodigy
    | Reply

    I just snap at my ferrets

  21. Shatt Lindquist
    | Reply

    is scruffing a ferret on the back normal? ive looked things up and they say nothing about it i just count the back fat as the scruffing places and my ferret has recently at least bit me 2 times and it making loud noises and google says uncomfortable i just know this is the only spot where my ferret goes cucu and i feel like hell

  22. sylverclaws
    | Reply

    First you scream like a little girl, then you beg, maybe cry a little bit. Then you ask them why they did that, tell them how you love them and feed them and clean up their poop….Kidding. Well actually I did that. lol
    Scuffing is not how you bite train a ferret, the mothers do in fact NOT do this. Ever. Having seen enough kits and talked with breeders who thoroughly studied it, they have observed mothers ONLY scruff to move kits from point A to point B. They never dominate their babies. When the kit bites too hard mom will emit a high pitch sound and then ignore the baby. That’s why time-outs are recommended. All you’re doing by dragging around your ferret hissing is abusing it. Scruffing either works, or it creates severe dominance. It’s not recommended. Ferretvite should never, ever be used. It’s the leading cause of insulinoma in ferrets along with high carb kibble diets

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