Female ferrets die if not desexed – Day 23

Yes! It is true! Female ferrets can indeed die if they are not desexed or implanted to prevent them coming into heat. Alternatively you can bring a female ferret out of season with a Jill Jab (not recommended too often) or by letting her mate with a vasectomised hob. Watch the video to find out more!

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23 Responses

  1. Edwin Stridh
    | Reply

    Ferrets always find a new way to die slow and painful death, wether its cancer, getting crushed, impaling themselves or squeezing their organs out of their bodies by getting between the panels on their playpens they always die painfully.

  2. Reide Allen
    | Reply

    would they still die if they get spayed? I'm worried that if I get a girl she will die from hormones building up.

  3. Boy In A Hoddie 10
    | Reply

    will try to get two ferret one male and felmale.

  4. Snook Witham
    | Reply

    1:28. REGAL FERRET

  5. Paul Austin
    | Reply

    Surely the jab or implant is much safer? I've read a lot about there being a definite link between neutered females and Adrenal disease?

  6. Miranda Atwell
    | Reply

    if a ferret is not desexed can it still mate

  7. Universal Martial Arts Center
    | Reply

    I just have sex with mine. Then we're both happy

  8. WillyMonkeyGamer
    | Reply

    When is it mating season?

  9. Hector Avila
    | Reply

    ok I'm gonna get a female ferret tomorrow and she is 9 or 10 weeks old when should I take her to be desexed? I don't want to though I'm also looking for a male for her already

  10. lisset alzate
    | Reply

    how do you know that they are desexed ?

  11. SinfullLotus
    | Reply

    wow, I did not know this. I only owned a male ferret once and he was already fixed when we got him so this was interesting to know, now I know in case I want to get a female ferret. thanks a bunch!

  12. Tegan K
    | Reply

    How old should your ferret be when you get them desexed ?

  13. Silan Polat
    | Reply

    How do u now if it's desexed

  14. 2000Betelgeuse
    | Reply

    Bad nature design, let them die then..easy as that

  15. karen wright
    | Reply

    in my life ive had over 80 ferrets for sure

  16. karen wright
    | Reply

    get two males and they dhould get along fine

  17. TheEpicMango
    | Reply

    My Lilly died from a botched desexing. The ferret farm she came from left a piece of ovary inside and it killed her. Sometimes even with desexing complications can occur…please please learn the signs and get your baby into a vet asap if you suspect something isint right. It was too late for my Lilly.

  18. wassabi prouductionrules
    | Reply

    are you okay since bear died you dont smile like you used too

  19. Winnie Lee
    | Reply

    Hi i got a ferret two weeks ago,they had told me it was a boy so i carried on 2 weeks thinking it was a boy.today i found out it was a girl. The vets here don't do surgeries for ferrets.I have called every vet and none seem to be able to do it. A few of them said the pet shop should've already desexed it beforehand, I'm not too sure and I really don't want her to die, please help! @PartyFerret

  20. Fefefoth
    | Reply

    This may be silly question: How does one tell what gender their ferret is? I don't have the money to take he/she to the vet as of current, so I'm clueless.
    I got my ferret from some idiot who let there young ferret loose at a bar (we assume), so someone I know snatched it up when they seen it running around for a bit.

  21. kyle thomas'
    | Reply

    how much is it to get them desexed??

  22. kimi utami
    | Reply

    Your ferret is so cute

  23. SavvytheCat
    | Reply

    Yes. Desexed is removing the sex organs. So spayed or neutered

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