Feline Evolution – The Cat Toilet Seat

Feline Evolution – The Cat Toilet Seat Feline Evolution – The Videos

The Cat Toilet Seat

In catching up with my RSS feeds (since the move), an entry from Unique Pet Lover Gifts blog caught my eye. It’s The Cat Toilet Seat. You can click on the above links to read about it, and view the tutorial videos.

I think that is a great idea. I don’t know why it is this way with some dogs, but some dogs just like to play with cat poop. When our Papillon dog Maxxie was young, he started to ‘browse’ his way through Zeussie Pussy Cat’s Litter Box … and because he is a very social dog, and loves to lick a lot … we nipped that in the bud by removing the cat litter from the dog.

Maxxie (and Sophie too) are afraid to climb down our unfinished stairs into our unfinished basement, so we have been keeping the Cat Litter in our basement. I try to be a good ‘parent’ and clean the litter twice a week, on wednesdays and on the weekend, although many times it stretches out into 5-7 days. Some days, because all of my work files are in the basement, I end up ‘thinning the numbers’ if I’m down in the basement a few times a day.

I am fortunate that Zeus (my cat) knows exactly how to push my buttons when he is hungry or when his cat litter needs to be cleaned, because he will try to kill me by walking through my feet as I am walking up and down the stairs! And, if that doesn’t work, he’ll just jump on my desk and walk all over my keyboard, until I deal with his needs.

Aaahh.. but he’s a good cat … I wonder if he would use this Cat Toilet Seat ? Then again, I wonder if I would want to use this cat toilet seat …. !! According to the video, we will have to share it ?? I would like it better seated NEXT to our toilet seat on the floor.

It’s taken me this long to leave the toilet seat in a down position after I use it 😀


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