Feed Your Senior Cat with Confidence: Eukanuba BREEDsmart™ Bulletin – June 2007

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007
From: “Eukanuba SeniorCat”
Subject: Feed Your Senior Cat with Confidence


From The Experts – Eukanuba’s promise to your cat’s well-being

At Eukanuba, we are committed to putting your pet’s health and well-being first. The Menu Foods recall has left many consumers unsure about the safety and quality of the foods that they have been feeding. We can assure you all Eukanuba dry dog and cat foods on store shelves today can be fed with confidence.

Furthermore, Eukanuba will continue to provide your pet with the highest-quality nutrition — made with the best ingredients and formulated to meet the needs of your pet. Learn more about Eukanuba’s promise and what it means for the health and safety of your pet.


You take care of your pets the best you can, and we want to show our appreciation. Take advantage of our limited-time Next Bag Free Offer. Just follow these easy instructions and you can get a coupon for a free bag (up to 3 lbs.) of Eukanuba dry cat food.

Breed Insights – Hair today … hairball tomorrow

Most cats spend a considerable amount of time grooming their coats. As they do so, the hair is swallowed and may build up over time in their stomachs. If the hairball doesn’t pass from the stomach, the cat will attempt to eliminate it by coughing or gagging. However, for senior cats, hairballs can be more troublesome than for their younger feline companions.

Reduce the Likelihood of Hairballs

Because of a lower fat digestibility, an aging cat’s metabolism may result in lower energy levels and an increase in hairballs. Help reduce the discomfort of hairballs for your senior cat with Eukanuba’s Adult Hairball Relief Formula. It’s a diet rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat, plus beet pulp and cellulose fiber for improved digestive abilities. The unique Eukanuba Fiber Scienceâ„¢ Hairball Relief System helps hair gently pass through the digestive system to avoid hair buildup.

Also, frequent brushing can help reduce the amount of hair that is ingested, thereby reducing the risk of hairball formation.

Should a Hairball Care Formula Be Fed Exclusively?

Yes. Mixing other foods with hairball management formulas may compromise the effectiveness of this diet by diluting the nutrients that help reduce the risk of hairball formation. Switching between hairball management formulas and another cat food may also decrease the benefit of feeding this diet.

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