Extremely Funny Video …. not really

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

www.bromora.com Extremely Funny Video – Warning If you have got heart problem than please don’t watch this video because its too funny. Bengali with you chris brown new r&b man dancing Arabic music funny usher bollywood prank cricket asia sylhet newcastle uk bangladesh india pakistan song Kamran Akmal pet cat humor comedy animation cartoon simon tofield tandem tv dinner

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. MrSpenkhenk
    | Reply

    thumbs up if you liked it!

  2. ThyDragonforceGod
    | Reply

    How much I wonder how they do thast

  3. punkprincess9087
    | Reply

    its very entertaining to me although i dont get why you put extremely funny the only funny part i saw was at 3:26

  4. RenaRyuguuChan
    | Reply

    Not very funny but GREAT preformers!

  5. 1chiffa
    | Reply

    it was extremly clever :] defo worth seeing

  6. ugamer20
    | Reply

    cool funny video eatched it 10 times.skilled performers.

  7. ugamer20
    | Reply

    cool funny video liked watching.

  8. asim2001
    | Reply

    entertaining, i could have enjoyed it more if this music was not there…

  9. raphydoc
    | Reply

    the original sountrack was better, whit sound effects and stuff,,

  10. MISS201069
    | Reply

    not funny at all (bored)

  11. TheWaqarpk
    | Reply

    Not Realy

  12. falling4u365
    | Reply

    I didn’t laugh at all. This is a failure of a video.

  13. MsKatieBby2012
    | Reply


  14. GaspoOoO
    | Reply

    i really enjoyed this video I only wish that there was real sound from the stage

  15. motzoc
    | Reply

    well … that was ok …. sometimes it even got funny

  16. SimonRocks97
    | Reply

    this sucks and its boring

  17. albme94
    | Reply

    Where is the orginal?

  18. MuhammadRaza2009
    | Reply

    need original… someone give the link////

  19. Engage777
    | Reply

    I stopped watching after 6 seconds, but I’ll just assume they butt-fucked.

  20. oreomarch
    | Reply

    I could kill you for calling this even remotely Funny. Stupid fuck

  21. TheHuskyGT
    | Reply

    Lame, and gay…

  22. Ikiakafights
    | Reply

    i fucking hate 009 sound system -.-

  23. hurlingstar1
    | Reply

    What the fuck is this, surprise buttsecks?

  24. WhyImHere619
    | Reply

    @raphydoc how can i find the original video?

  25. WhyImHere619
    | Reply

    /watch?v=P_0kBD_4T6o thumbs up so every one can see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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