Express your Pets Personality Through Creative Art

Express your Pets Personality Through Creative Art

By Anthony Palmieri

People find many ways to express their personality, whether it is through sports, music, art, or another outlet. In any case the creative nature that we have comes to the surface once we have the tools and have developed ability to accomplish this. One area that has continued to grow as a result of technological advancement is with computer enhanced graphics. Faster home computers coupled with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator have taken the high end graphics work once limited to corporations to smaller businesses. The most basic photo manipulation is to correct flaws in the picture, which can be expanded to the more advanced creation of fantasy scenes, such as overlaying multiple images and the addition of special effects.

These changes have enabled businesses to start in the areas of custom portrait and pet photography, to wildlife and even automotive areas. Turn on your television and I am sure that you will find numerous dog shows. The market has continued to grow as a result of the many pet owners. These pet owners often treat their pets better than some do their own children. Being a pet owner for many years, and having a wife who has helped me to enjoy this even more has resulted in a better understanding of what pet owners strive for. For those of you who are per owners can recognize that your pets coupled with this level of creative photography and graphic arts is a natural fit. In my travels and research over the past 20 years, I have learned quite a bit about pet owners and how their pet is often an extension of themselves.

There is that adage that there a pet and its owner do resemble one another! As with an artist holding a paint brush, these owners look at their pets as the canvas, and leaving nothing overlooked. If you go to a dog show, attention is taken by these owners to ensure that the dog is groomed perfectly, any bows are straight, and even to the point where the dogs happy personality is obvious. Now as you walk into the home of these individuals, I am sure there is a wall of photographs that show little Sophia as a puppy, all the way to the present, and even beyond. Christmas cards, notepaper and anything else that you can think of will have images of these beloved pets.

This desire for creativity by these pet owners has spurred an industry that caters directly to them. The pet lover is a proud group that loves to express their love for their pets. These owners take their pets to the experts for advice on how to train them, expert groomers for that perfect coat and the list goes on. Now another option that expends beyond standard photography provides a second level of creativity. One company that understands this area extremely well is Besides the founders being a pet owners for many years, and having a house full of pets, this company has spent years talking with owners and listening to them to understand their needs and wants before it even became a company. Often the owners knew they wanted something different, but was not sure exactly what or how to accomplish it. By listening to them, and understanding what could be done, their needs were met. Some of the non-traditional examples included the idea of having fantasy backgrounds such as a dog floating on a rain bow, to taking a color photograph and making it look like an old black and white.

For the serious owner, most have a special wall in their house or office with pictures and posters of their pets and even similar ones. Often these pictures were done in the traditional style of “point-shoot-develop-print-frame”. The custom graphics companies that specialize in the photography industry have now taken the “develop” stage to the next level with custom image enhancements. These enhancements could be as simple as a picture of your pet overlaid on a family photograph, or even a key element such as the dog tag with their name on it. By combining this level of graphics, a plain photograph is transformed from just a photograph to an expression of personality.

There are many examples of what I have described on line and in the Pets section has a selection of examples that will give you many ideas that you can incorporate into your own works.

Anthony Palmieri founded Palmieri Concepts, after 20 years of creating custom art work for his own pleasure and enjoyment. This business grew out of a love for pets and vehicles and was started to share with others what started out as a hobby. After taking how his own pride and joys (yes this really started with family pictures) and combining them with creativity, it became obvious that many others would like to have pet pictures as he has done.

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