Exposing Your Horse to Gunfire

Been asked many times how to train your horse for gunfire; never done it except for the occasional rifle shot while on the ground next to my horse. That’s di…

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9 Responses

  1. ironside1642
    | Reply

    I trained my horse in a similar fashion. Firing at distance and then get
    closer. Then fire off his back. He now goes into volley fire and connon
    fire without bolting. Black powder Musket and .38 pistol

  2. Sarah L Battles
    | Reply

    I have been working with her a lot as far as relaxing in general, and other
    things that spook her she will give me her ears first for me to tell her
    what she should do before she really reacts. But with gunshots she still
    won’t pay any mind. She does live with a paint who couldn’t care less about
    gunfire, even likes it, but with my mare dominant I’m not sure if modeling
    the paint mare for my Hano would help or teach the paint to be nervous
    (since my nervous hano mare is dominant)?

  3. Robin Coleman
    | Reply

    “Horses only think about one thing – FOOD. How to get it, and how not to
    become it.” LMAO!!!! Stealing that one!!!

  4. chaoky
    | Reply

    I like your video

  5. Maya Nelson
    | Reply

    might wanna start tightening the cinch 😛

  6. Sarah L Battles
    | Reply

    I have a Hanovarian mare, 15 y.o., once a brood mare long before I got her,
    and of course received her training in dressage. I have been working with
    her to be calm around gun shots. After going through several boxes of
    simple .22 blanks (>400 rounds), treats upon treats, etc, she still has a
    stronger reaction to it than your horse does here. I know some horses are
    easier/ harder with gunfire, & is turning out especially hard, but do you
    have any additional suggestions that could help more?

  7. semtech30
    | Reply

    smokeless power helps because they will also fear movement. I started with
    a 22 cal and worked uo to the 30/30. I’m lucky, mine accepted the shooting
    real well. The click of the hammer is a que to the shot. No one should be
    afraid of sound, it never bites, kickes or hurts ya. I can use my horse as
    as rest as I take aim and shoot. He just doesn’t mind at all. He thinks
    he’s the one doing it….he,he. Your method is right on.

  8. pinkpony1351
    | Reply

    awesome thank you! you really show that you care about the comfort of your
    horse…not too many horsemen out there will. Im just starting into mounted
    shooting and your videos have me pumped!!

  9. MsTrueBlueFire
    | Reply

    @RYDERkN I do believe they make horse ear plugs. Of course, you would need
    to sack out the horse to these as well. Rick Gore has a sacking out video
    to horsey ear plugs on his YouTube channel if you care to look him up.

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