Excuse Me – Please Lower Your Windows

“To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men.”

-Abraham Lincoln

I was traveling through Colorado while I was on tour last month. I had a fantastic visit to The Boulder Humane Society as seen on the video below. It took me a while to acclimate to the altitude, not to mention the HOT days. We had the pleasure of driving through this scenic state. I had just parked to get some essentials from the supermarket, when I noticed this beautiful Golden Retriever in an SUV a couple of spots over. I noticed the beep as the woman triggered her alarm leaving her pet inside with ALL WINDOW UP. I immediately got her attention & explained about the ventilation for her pet. She replied, ”I will only be going in for a short while.” This infuriated me knowing that her animal would be suffering and in grave danger.

dog in car with wild eyeIn the summer, canines are more susceptible to heat exhaustion primarily based on the way in which the canine body works to control body temperature. Sometimes the humidity might have a greater impact on the canine body than the heat itself. As heat and humidity rise, canines have a difficult time cooling themselves. They need your help and awareness to ensure their comfort and safety. Even on a very mild, 70 degree day, your dog can have a very difficult time if left in the car with no ventilation.

Canine sweat glands are located on the pads of the feet and on the nose. As your dog runs and plays, the pads of the feet are unable to perform the task of sweating & working to cool the body down. Also dogs that are very active, dogs who are dark color coated or dogs with a heavy coat will suffer at a greater degree than dogs who do not. Brushing their coats & trimming them down in the warm weather will help to decrease the risk of heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion symptoms in canines are very similar to those in humans. The first signs will begin with difficulty breathing, or heavy panting followed by huffing and puffing or gasping for air. Your dog may begin to walk in strange patterns which may be the result of dizziness. At 105 degrees, health becomes very severe and it is difficult for the canine to regain control of the bodily functions. It should never reach this point.

I was very quickly shopping hoping that the pet owner heeded my warning. Walking towards my car I was relieved to see the windows on the SUV were down, allowing ventilation for this animal.

About The Author:

Malea McGuinness helps to raise money for Animal Charities & foundations through her live performances in communities she performs in. Malea has garnered lots of attention for her inspirational new album, ‘CLOSE AS AIR’. Her single “Spinning”, is currently building at AAA Radio and receiving rotation from Music Choice. In July 2010, Malea took the stage of the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse for her fourth outing to Milwaukee’s annual Summerfest Music Festival, opening up for alternative rockers, The Counting Crows. She generously donated all her merchandise profits earned to two local organizations, The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Wisconsin Humane Society.

For more information, please visit Malea’s official myspace page: www.myspace.com/maleamcg and maleamusic.com/ (plus you can listen to more of Malea’s music!)

Malea @ Boulder Humane Society

Malea was traveling through Colorado last month while on tour .. and was able to visit The Boulder Humane Society. Here is a short video taken during her visit!

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