EVERYTHING you need to know about HAMSTERS!! Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Hamster owners

(HAMSTER CAGE TOO SMALL! SEE LINK BELOW FOR LARGER UPDATED CAGE ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z18DoqyoxNo

Learn helpful advice on how to care for your loving adorable pet hamster! My hamster, Titus, is a 3 month old baby Syrian Golden Hamster.

Hamsters require minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment and cuteness! Below is just a simple list for hamster owners:

– Hamsters should be held and played with daily!
– All together, a hamster shouldn’t cost much! The hamster itself was $10, the cage was $50, I buy new food once every 4 months ($10), padding once every 6 months ($20), the ball costs $15 dollars, and everything else doesn’t cost more than 5 dollars.
– Change the hamster’s cage and padding at least once a week. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Wash their entire cage, all their toys, wheel, igloo, food and water containers. You can put your hamster in his ball while you change his cage.
– Never let your hamster roam around unattended, they are infamous convicts for escaping and crawling into unreachable areas.
– Don’t let two Syrian Hamsters coexist, or they will fight. Also, be mindful that these poor pets are towards the bottom of the food chain and may be easily preyed off by swooping hawks outdoors, household cats, or other aggressive animals.
– Try not to wake your hamster when he is sleeping (during the daytime) as this will increase their levels of stress. For new baby hamsters, resist the first week from touching them or altering their environment as this will easily stress them and destroy their immune system.
– If you are going away for a few days, its okay to leave your hamster alone as long as he has plenty of food and water (and new bedding!) Get your hamster a baby sitter if you’re going to be away for more than 3 days.
– leave questions in the comments section and ill be sure to get back to u! thanks πŸ™‚

** This was my hamster’s first cage, i expanded it to be a larger cage as he grew bigger! please check this video out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z18DoqyoxNo
and check out this video
if you have any questions, comment below and ill try to get back! thanks for watching

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23 Responses

  1. Lukas the Youtuber
    | Reply

    And some advice for u get a bigger wheel tydus can get back problems

  2. Hamsters chickens and fish 10
    | Reply

    This hamster needs a bigger cage

  3. Bella Derrough
    | Reply

    That wheel is to small

  4. Tiffany lovesyou
    | Reply

    Warning to all new hamster owners that are watching this: IF YA BOY DONT HAVE THE CORRECT SIZE OF THE CAGE THEN DONT LISTEN TO HIS DAMN VIDEO LOLLLLL

  5. Spooky MGTOW
    | Reply

    That hamster,looks exactly like my daughters syrian! Except our hamster(name is bubbles aka nickname popz)hes super lazy,but is active at night!we let him run around in our bedroom (secure with fences). πŸ™‚

  6. crafts n fun with sarah
    | Reply

    Wheel is to small can cause back deformation cause back pain and can cause stress and stress caused death for hamsters cage is to small and its not large also it may stop him from escaping but can cause injuries they can run more than 5 miles a night and u need a sand bowl u need more bedding as they burrow and u need to spot clean every day hamster hate balls and can cause injuries

  7. Cyclone 180
    | Reply

    I have the same cage

  8. Sammy SirFluffAlot
    | Reply

    That cage and wheel are too small. Hamsters need a minimum of 450 sq. in. to run around in. Hamsters cannot have small cages, a wild hamster can run 10 miles a night in search of food. Hamsters need a lot of energy in the wild just to find some food, and domestic hamsters still have that energy trait. Putting a hamster in a small cage will make it depressed and will make it suffer because it cant release that energy it has. Syrians need a wheel minimum of 8 in. if the hamsters back arches AT ALL you need to upgrade the wheel. If not the hamster will develop spine problems from the arching

  9. tyflo bro
    | Reply

    That cage is to small!!

  10. angel ordonez
    | Reply

    I have two both likes veggies and fruits

  11. Dance Fitness101
    | Reply

    I'm really not trying to be jugdy or anything but your house isn't very good for hampster it is actually meant for rats some rat cages are good but urs is way to high with too little floor space I would consider looking into the savic extra large hampster home because it's very good and meant for a Syrian hampster the height of your cage is very dangerous for your hampster I'm not trying to be mean I'm just concerned for your hampster please don't take offence

  12. AmeliaP
    | Reply

    I'm not taking any advice until he gets rid of his cage and he's active because he's trying to escapeπŸ™„ oh yeah and you need to do your research πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  13. Keris Mcgowan
    | Reply

    You have the same colour of hamster as me

  14. Charlotte Oneill
    | Reply

    same with my hamster mine wakes up at about 9pm❀

  15. Teresa Brush
    | Reply

    Listen pall, hamsters need a cage that's at least 450 square inches. Also that wheel, too small. You need more toys, more chews and a larger cage. Bar climbing, also known as monkey-baring, is a sign or stress. Also when he falls from the top of the cage he can hurt or even break his back.

  16. The Arctic Hamster
    | Reply

    The cage is far too small, watch hamster care videos by more experienced hamster owners. You don't even know how to take care of your own hamster, why would you be teaching OTHERS how to take are of their hamsters.

  17. Jdb Speaks
    | Reply

    I'm getting a hamster today, thanks for the totorial

  18. Jdb Speaks
    | Reply

    It's sooooooooooooo cute

  19. Brookie Bee
    | Reply

    Just so you guys know (not being rude to anyone or anything just trying to help ) in his more recent videos he updated his cage so it's connected to a whole bunch of large bin cages (: so no need to comment about him needing a bigger cage 😊

  20. Ben Ladjimi
    | Reply

    wheel is to small asshole

  21. Ben Ladjimi
    | Reply

    you fucking dick that cage is tiny you bastard no he isnt he wants to get out obviously you think your professional dick i suggest watch erinshamsters subscribe to her she knows alot

  22. Davie Singh
    | Reply

    Why do you grunt so much?

    | Reply

    I'm getting a hamster for my birthday

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