Essentials of a Canine First Aid Kit

Essentials of a Canine First Aid Kit

By Dave Eckholm

Most families have a first aid kit in their car and another at home. It is important because you never know when someone will cut a finger, bump their head or come down with a fever. Likewise most people would consider their dog as an important, loved member of the family. But what is in the human first aid kit could be of little use when your dog needs help. People medicines can even be deadly.

A portable Canine First Aid Kit is an important tool for all dog owners. And as your dog matures, it becomes essential. A well-stocked and organized box with supplies will be invaluable if your pet needs immediate care and may save you from having to make a trip to the vet. It could even save your dog’s life.

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4 Responses

  1. James
    | Reply

    love my doggoe

  2. Mike
    | Reply

    Canine needs medical attention too when they get sick.

  3. Peni Gardner
    | Reply

    “Canine needs medical attention too when they get sick.”

    True, too bad not all canines get that medical attention.

  4. Alondra Phillips
    | Reply

    I have to agree with what you said about securing a medical emergency kit for a canine. Well maybe it is not that necessary if you own only a single dog but for those who own more than 3 (or maybe even more) sometimes a simple dog playtime could result to accidents and it is best to have something immediately handy that you can use at home.

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