English Bulldog History and Breeder Information

English Bulldog History and Breeder Information

By Lane Jordan

The AKC standard for the English Bulldog is medium size, around 40-50 pounds. English Bulldog’s have a smooth coat, a large short-face head, low swung body with wide shoulders. Today, Bulldogs are bred as a friendly dog that interacts well with both humans and other dogs. English Bulldog puppies and adult dogs can be cheerful, playful, frisky, suborn and protective. Bulldogs are know for their unique personalities.

The English Bulldog’s flat face has been know to cause breathing problems for them. Due to this they can develop heat stroke easier than other dogs when the weather is hot. Their short legs make it difficult for them to swim, so they need to be monitored when around water. Some of their other health problems may include cataracts, hip problems, allergies, and cherry eye. Due to their large heads in relation to their medium sized bodies, many infant bulldogs are delivered by way of c-section to prevent their head from being stuck in the birth canal.

Originally, Bulldogs were bred for bullbaiting. This is a popular betting sport during 17th century England. The Bulldogs were trained to jump at the bull, clamp onto its snout and try to suffocate the bull. This sport was banned in England in 1885. After bullbaiting was banned, Bulldog clubs began to form in Britain to help enhance the breed. Bulldogs gained more prominence with the increasing popularity of dog shows in Great Britain. Bulldogs quickly rose to the top of the show dog ring and became a symbol of Great Britain.

Many universities, military institutions, and organizations throughout the world have used the Bulldog as their mascot. English Bulldogs have also been used in the artistic world with countless characters and references in paintings, books, films, performing arts, and music. Today, English Bulldogs continue to be widely accepted as one of the most prestigious, expensive, and sought after canines.

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