Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do if Your Dog Is Choking


I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Learn what to do when your dog is choking, in this free emergency pet health care video with tips from a veterinarian. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. RockinPhyscoPrincess
    | Reply

    Are hawhides good for dogs? I mean my dog just loves the dingo cupcake rawhides I only give it to her like every 2 weeks though she eats greenies too every week twice 🙂

  2. Xerxes371
    | Reply

    i dont think a roll of tape will fit in my chihuahua’s mouth………………

  3. jewelrymaker12345
    | Reply

    your going to hard on the dog go more easier poor thing !!!And every one stop animal torture they have all kind of videos on youtube with people tourturing there animals that dome would you like someone to do that to you noo

  4. Nopingu
    | Reply

    try using a ring….

  5. dobiegirl420
    | Reply

    Jewelrymaker….You’re an IDIOT! This is a VERY important instructional video. I almost wish your pet would choke on something and you would have absolutely NO IDEA what to do because you are too busy screaming “animal abuse” on youtube. Crawl back into your hole!

  6. lickilysplitz
    | Reply

    @dobiegirl420 right on!!!!!! Some friggin people!!!!!

  7. skaterBoyzXpunkGirlz
    | Reply

    uummh… yeah…. i have no idea where the tape is….
    by the time i find it my dog is probably dead -.-

    and shes not as well behaved as that XD

  8. breatheless
    | Reply

    they are choking have you ever seen the Heimlich procedure when a person is joking its not a gentle touch to a person outher

  9. breatheless
    | Reply

    i wonder cuase my pug won’t fit a role of tape its mouth doesn’t open that wide what do i do then?

  10. nano411
    | Reply

    My dog was choking on a chicken bone one time(some moron gave it to her) I panicked and didn’t know what to do, she looked like she was having a seizure and was pawing at her face. She looked like she was close to death and thought she might be dead by the time I got her to the vet. I did what you didn’t advise to do, I stuck my hand down my dogs throat and pulled it out, she didn’t bite me. She’s a mastiff so she has a pretty big throat so I could get my hand in there.

  11. Salad107
    | Reply

    my dog was choking . that was royal canin, a very little piece. i didn’t know what to do. my dog’s very small. i smacked his in his back aND then when it didn’t help i took him and shaked him for some seconds… it helped. but now i’m afraid what i would do in the future when it’s going to happen again, i hope it is not! but i don’t get this way of aid that that woman showed. really…

  12. SarahGilmour
    | Reply

    @Xerxes371 I think with a really small dog (I have a Maltese that just choked this morning) It’s pretty safe to put your fingers in it’s mouth. They can’t bite very hard anyway. My dog’s mouth was open from choking, and he was very calm and knew I was trying to help him. He’s okay now, I got the treat out 🙂

  13. kianatard
    | Reply

    my dog would not bite me but i know he would not like me after ahaha

  14. wyattsworld
    | Reply

    In the middle of an emergency I have to watch a damn commercial. What is the world coming to.

  15. nonalliance
    | Reply


  16. CookiesOnMw2
    | Reply

    @wyattsworld wow bro, your dog OK?

  17. marcosne
    | Reply

    I’m surprised you suggested to stick something down the dogs throat blindly. Unless you actually see it, theres no way in hell I’m risking making it worse by accidently shoving it in further for complete blockage. Maybe thats what you meant but it should be mentioned for people not familiar with health care treatment.

  18. popstarmagasine
    | Reply

    5 minutes ago my dog was choking on a meatball he couldnt be breath so i had to stick my fingers in my dogs mouth and take it out it was pretty far i was so scared

  19. 43rder
    | Reply

    I can’t see a damn thing in this video. The caption is swallowing up the whore screen.

  20. DogCareFreeReport
    | Reply

    thanks for the great video
    please click on my profile for a Free Dog Care Report

  21. bootifulbeck
    | Reply

    if you cant see the video because of the writing the bar where u move it up and down and to pause the video next to the fullscreen button press the button that says cc and hopefully it should go away its just there so if your deaf or hard of hearing then u use that hope i helped x

  22. Shaung1231
    | Reply

    @popstarmagasine Omg that same thing just happened to my dog! Damn Lady & The Tramp for the influence! Instead of digging my fingers, I massaged his neck..

  23. danyandmarc
    | Reply

    My dog would so be like: ” Raraughargrare! Rurareughurgraughgrr!”

  24. popstarmagasine
    | Reply

    @Shaung1231 oh really! thats a very good way to do it. was ur dog good after all? well i hope he was its a very scary experience

  25. Shaung1231
    | Reply

    @popstarmagasine Yeah thankfully he survived that experience, although he passed on a few days ago (naturally)…I would of felt so terrible if he died from that meatball.

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