Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Learn the proper way to take your dog’s vital statistics and tell if your dog is sick in this free pet health care video, with tips from a veterinarian. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Ichthusjosh
    | Reply

    hehehe lol
    look at the dogs face at 2:55 (hes like woooaaahhh!) lol

  2. Ichthusjosh
    | Reply

    hehehe lol
    look at the dogs face at 2:55 (hes like woooaaahhh!) lol

  3. troyzapanta
    | Reply

    that’s an ugly ass dog…

  4. nate638
    | Reply

    @beachbum69 HAHAHAHAHAH

  5. yummiez
    | Reply

    lol that dog is so funnie

  6. TheComment555
    | Reply

    my dog won’t eat and won’t drink water and I don’t know what to do I’ve tried almost everything to get her to eat.

  7. franklongbottom1632
    | Reply

    did a chinese immigrant write the subtitles?!?!?

  8. ALVAREZr7
    | Reply

    dogs have allergies rlly i didnt know!!! i wonder if mine has allergies?

  9. esalokita407
    | Reply

    2:55 Hahahaha; He`s Likee ”Wtf ”?

  10. kenny1309
    | Reply

    His face!
    ” What the F—?!”

  11. SubZeroST
    | Reply

    my dog keeps on licking his nose and vomited quite alot and he doesnt have the energy he usually has can someone respond please

  12. 69upndown
    | Reply

    @SubZeroST get him to the vet.. ASAP

  13. honeybunchez89
    | Reply

    I just took my 4 month old pet to the vet yesterday because she was vomiting and wasn’t interested in food and was acting lethargic, found out she had parvo. Might want to take your dog to the vet to get him checked out. Sorry your dog is sick, it hurts to lose a dog.

  14. nonalliance
    | Reply

    under lip Kinda pinkish a nice looking pink above his teeth is kinda barely redish

  15. camprockroxon
    | Reply

    @beachbum69 i know right he was like :O

  16. rubiethefiredragon
    | Reply

    oh no my dog is sick

  17. AMelancholyDream
    | Reply

    Oh my, i’m laughing so much at that poor dog’s face!
    The absolute confusion D:

  18. SoobaaSteve
    | Reply

    thats sucks

  19. nolanmerritt
    | Reply

    u should type in Nolanmerritt and watch some sick videos

  20. BluefruitNMusicSnow
    | Reply

    Doggy feels violated!!!

  21. DakotaZ162
    | Reply

    Surprise rape! O _ O

  22. bigride87
    | Reply

    OOOOMMMGG look at his face LMAO helll NAW

  23. DogCareFreeReport
    | Reply

    please click on my profile for a Free Dog Care Report

  24. foryourpetssake
    | Reply

    STOP KILLING YOUR PET! You can add years to the life of your pet and reduce many of their health problems, if you know one important fact your veterinarian never tells you. – foryourpetssake . net

  25. eresomark
    | Reply

    he’s like “what the hell is happening here!”

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