Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Tell if Your Dog Has Eaten Rat Poison

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Learn how to tell if your dog has eaten rat poison and get tips on what to do in this free emergency pet health care video. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. imextraordinary
    | Reply

    My neighbors poisoned my dog 🙁

  2. dawa259
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for making this video! My dog Jean-Luc just got into our rat poison:(

  3. misskia81
    | Reply

    Dont feel bad my drunk neighbor killed my dog too!!

  4. Cloverkitty
    | Reply

    I will never use a glue trap on ANY rodent.

    That is cruel, and certainly unecessary when there are simple HUMANE cage-traps to use…

  5. baddbrunette6t9
    | Reply

    I agree with you CloverKitty..
    Thats definitely cruel.

  6. mbfla
    | Reply

    What? A licensed doctor of veterinary medicine stating that a “glue trap is … safer”? HUH? Glue traps are cruel and inhumane — instead, use the
    trap and release devices – vets know about these
    as do humane societies. Vets I know love animals and have zero tolerance for cruelty and animal suffering..I’d like to think this vet misspoke… let’s cut her some slack… and hope that she misspoke! Maybe she’ll post a video about humane trap and release “traps.”

  7. clkdragzta
    | Reply

    my dog vomits blood with a yellowish liquid on it and he has not eaten for 2 days now only liquid.. i know i will take him to the vet 2morow.. but what could it be???

  8. xxkatiekatyxx
    | Reply

    My dog hasten eaten her food and she cant keep anything down also she threw up just regular clear liqid

  9. TheBestGuitarSoloEVR
    | Reply

    Wow go to the vet for fucks sake

  10. thatonguy9
    | Reply

    one of my dogs just barley died from my neighbors.. 4year old dog.. so we went and got a new dog an akita so we had her for 3 weeks and my neighbor killed that dog to…. thats fuckin cruel but we cant turn em in cause we dont have proof … any one have any ideas on how to get him in trouble?

  11. thatonguy9
    | Reply

    katie just feed ur dog white rice and tons of water it will make a diffrence and trty to gie some nutri-cal for ur dog it helps

  12. Gaara0506
    | Reply

    most likely, parvo. One of my friends dog that I was taking care of it had the same symptoms and died of it.

  13. 3x0du5jsant
    | Reply

    i use glue traps and never gotten a single rat but when i get one i will spray thinner on it and burn it. i just bought a powerful poison that kill them in about five minutes after eating it. it’s great, this mourning i found 7 dead rats from last night. nice

  14. deepree26
    | Reply

    close off your whole house pretend you’re not home, you left 4 the day, he just didn’t see u leave turn everything down inside and wait, I did tht when someone throw poisoned food that i found in my doggies mouth. wen i did dat people from one area of my street all came out looking towards my way and i had my phone ready to snap shots. thn i had a visitor come to my door I had to go see him but when i did those ppl saw me & were gone no where to b found

  15. deepree26
    | Reply

    that is exactly what my dog did and died last night don’t mean to bring bad news I really thought she was gonna make it.

  16. glam0urGirl209
    | Reply

    my dog died yesterday from eating rat poision man i miss my dog so much he was my best friend.

  17. glam0urGirl209
    | Reply

    my dog died yesterday from eating rat poision man i miss my dog so much he was my best friend.

  18. Xboxglicher1
    | Reply

    My dog is relly sad and I don’t no why I try to play with him and dose not what to can you help plz

  19. RealCheckeredHeart
    | Reply

    What if…. it’s the poison bromethalin? My dog got into it today and he’s in the animal hospital right now. We caught it right away, but I’m worried. The vet said that Vitamin K won’t work on him. He threw most of it up, and they gave him the activated charcoal, and they plan to keep him overnight (with an iv). Is there a chance, if caught in time, that they will make it??

  20. skatelover619
    | Reply

    @glam0urGirl209 dude i fell so sorry i think my dog ate some and hes dying im so depresed

  21. glam0urGirl209
    | Reply

    @skatelover619 you should take him to the Vet

  22. eDrifter1
    | Reply



  23. RUBENLOX323
    | Reply

    very good information i didnt know dat

  24. BlueStream123321
    | Reply

    @RealCheckeredHeart when ur dog comes home, make sure you give it salt (put it right in the back of his tounge) and after about a hour, it will throw up. if u see no blueish greenish puke then your dog doesnt have any rat poison. if it does, then try again and if its still there, i suggest you keep trying or take it to the vet again.

  25. thewarisdiscusting
    | Reply

    My dog started peeing heaps of blood today. Then it was dripping out on the floor at the vets. He is in the vet hospital overnight being treated for rat poison. I hope it is not. I hope my boy is okay. They said he wasn’t bleeding anywhere else but they still think thats what it is. Where could he have gotten it from???

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