Eliminating STRESS in Hamsters!! (Tips & Tricks)

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*Available in HD*

Hello Everyone! ;D

This video is some ways that have helped me and my hamsters to eliminate stress for them!

I really hope you find this video useful and maybe learn something from it!

On another note, as you may watch this video, I am leaving for vacation! (I’m most likely at the airport if you see this video as it comes out!) WOW!

So, I truly apologize if I am not able to get to all your comments this coming week! But do not worry about uploads!!!!! I have scheduled a video to go out so you won’t miss anything ^_^

And the hamsters are staying home, being taken care of by my Grammie! 😉

Thanks for watching everyone and take care! 🙂
Any more questions? Just comment below!! 🙂
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Join me and my 3 pets as I do videos to tell people about correct hamster care and to inspire. I make most of my videos on my hamster and occasionally I make videos on my other pets. Hate and swearing is not allowed on my channel. Any questions should be sent as a private message to me or by comment depending on why you need to contact me. I hope you enjoyed the video and we hope to see you in the next video.

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16 Responses

  1. kyu dog fay
    | Reply

    My parents tell me to get this cage with levels but it is small. They get mad when I tell them it is too small. 😣 then i bought that cage, i feel bad. Can anyone help me convince them that a bin cage is better. I Feel angry at them but they will keep on saying that I am annoying.

    Can anyone help? 😣😣😣😣😣😫😫😫😫😫🙁🙁😖

  2. Jealyn Plays
    | Reply

    I have a hamsters named flaffy when hamsters get stress what were happen

  3. EskiltheWanderer
    | Reply

    Good video.

  4. Victoria's Adventures
    | Reply

    My hamster settled in like 10 mins of being in his cage all he wanted to do is give kisses and be cuddled

  5. RainBow Hailee
    | Reply

    when i got my hamster i was holding her in my hands and she sat there but she was stressed cause she would not drink… so i switched to water bowl and now she has a tank and bottle

  6. Ideffix_Cat22
    | Reply

    Thank yoa 💖💡🎉🌈☯☮☄🐹💖

  7. Lauren Mae
    | Reply

    You're so pretty!

  8. HappyHamsterCare 06
    | Reply

    Can someone please help me , I'm in my room crying right now . So I've been taming my new hamster (I've had him for a week ) he's a Syrian hamster and my first . Today I decided to put him in the play pen and attempt to pick him up. I did so and he let me put he looked really stressed . I wanted to put him back in his cage but my mum was in the middle of cleaning it . He kept trying to get out of the pen . I put him in his ball but he seemed to be stressed in their too. When i put him in the cage the lid broke and it made a loud noise so he went in his hide out. I keep feeling like he's gonna die cos of me of wet tail or something . I'm gonna leave him for the rest of the night but can people give me some advice I'm really worried.

  9. Pandas
    | Reply

    I really liked this video, so helpful

  10. Mochimin X
    | Reply

    I got a new hamster after a year my precious hamster passed away (He will always be the best hamster I owned since he was the first pet I ever got and he was so calm and kind when it came to taming him and he was like a child to my mother she always took care of him if he got sick) anyways when I got him he came with his cage and he had been living in the cage since he arrived there so I decided to keep it for him and I am getting him a new one that is bigger (his cage is kind of small but I am glad he doesn't chew the bars) for him soon the thing is my sisters friend came over the day I got him and started picking him up I tried telling them to stop but no so I am worried that he must be so stressed about it!. I am so mad at myself.also for the food one I got him the food he had but he didn't want it also he already had food that he was eating in his cage but he didn't even eat it so I gave him Hazel Hamster and he finally ate.

  11. *Matilda*
    | Reply

    I always wake her up when I change the food and water and I can't help it 🙁

  12. *Matilda*
    | Reply

    When I first got my hamster, I stroked her and she was completely fine and didn't really care.

  13. softandneat
    | Reply

    My hamster doesnt run on his wheel, doesnt wake up early well he gets up and sometimes stays in his hideout or comes out and stares at me or plays eats and drinks, but he does sleep in hideouts or under his bedding..
    They didnt have a wheel in the pet shop and he just goes on the wheel and then gets off
    edit: now he is waking up early and hes not running away when im close

  14. MissStrawChewwer LPS
    | Reply

    kids in my grade loved that I was watching this. IDC!

  15. idekkk11
    | Reply

    but would if they were already together when u bought them?

  16. WinterShiroHam Ham
    | Reply

    My hamster doesn't sleep in his hideout. Plz help me!

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