Easy methods to keep a dog exercised

Easy methods to keep a dog exercised

by Cindy Frendo

My friend had a dog that rarely had any physical activity. The dog was only let out into the backyard to go to the bathroom. The dog was overweight with its stomach hanging to the ground and had a long list of health problems including heart disease. This is not only cruel to animals but it affects their life in various ways. Unfortunately my friend’s dog passed away at an early age due to its lifestyle.

Keeping your dog fit will improve his quality of life as well as the aging process. When he reaches his peak, your dog will continue to have a youthful presence and may even pass its life expectancy. Quality of life has an important impact on your dog. Letting your dog have regular physical activity will minimize the amount of age related illnesses. Physical activity will also keep the weight off your dog and increase its psychological well-being.

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  1. Juliette Morgan
    | Reply

    True dogs do need play and exercise, I didn’t know it could extend their lives though, interesting thanks.

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