Dr. Tony Show – Back 2 School

Dr. Tony Show - Back 2 School

YouTube Description

Episode 1 – Back 2 School *Links and description below* In today’s show, Dr. Tony Johnson and Kelly Lytle discuss the stresses that come from a change in routine for your pets. Dr. Tony offers many helpful tips to help pet owners experience a smooth transition during these adjustment periods. Using the Sentry Good Behavior pheromone products can help to alleviate the unwanted fear and bad behavior that might arise from a break in the normal routine, like going back to school. Sentry Good Behavior Pheromone Technology: Sentry Pet Care Products: Sergeant’s Pet Care Products: About Dr. Tony Johnson: blog.sergeants.com

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  1. Nichole Baugh
    | Reply

    Very helpful! Thank you. I will have to keep these suggestions in mind. I’m sure the Sentry Pheromone products´╗┐ will be super helpful during the holiday as well.

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