Dogs Or People

By Melvin Polatnick

Loving and caring for a pet brings out the best in those that love their animal. Too often the love and care they give to their pets is focused just on their animal with the exclusion of human beings. If you were dating a pet owner and were allergic to their pet, the pet owner would often give you up rather than their pet. Filet mignon and choice cuts of meat is often reserved for a pet dog or cat, while others in the family have to settle for hamburgers or no meat at all. A beloved pet with the first sign of a medical problem is quickly taken to a many times unaffordable veterinarian.

Long term payment plans are always available to worried pet owners and are often used. It is seldom that a high price would keep a pet owner from giving their pet top medical care. The pet care industry is a billion dollar business, and the money spent on pet care annually in the united states is more than the GNP of most third world countries You can’t blame the many people that say:” it’s a dog’s world”, and in most cases they are right. What kind of values does a person have that thinks the well being of an animal is more important then that of a human?

Most people are not very loyal, or affectionate. They quickly leave you in the cold when better prospects appear, and are basically concerned with their own vanity. People are seldom affectionate, and rightfully so, they find nothing in others worthy of affection. But we all want others to be loyal and affectionate to us. It is a wonderful feeling to have a good friend, or a big hug when you are lonely and feeling down. Good friends and hugs are seldom available in this selfish world of ours, but they are needed by everybody. Since humans can’t fill that emotional vacuum we turn elsewhere and look toward the animal kingdom for help. We find that help in dogs and cats.

Dog are the most loyal and affectionate of pets, they are always there for you in good as well as bad times. When coming home after a hard day on the job they lift your spirits with a wag of their tale, or a wet kiss on your cheek. It is a wonderful feeling to be cared for and you have it all in your precious dog. A cat also can also be emotionally helpful, it is hard to be lonely with a cat on your lap or when it is rubbing against you leg.

Until humans can prove that they are capable of being more affectionate and loyal there will always be a need for dogs and cats or any other kind of pet. It is up to us to prove to pet owners we can be more useful than a dog. Those that place the needs of their pets above those of humans have made a wise decision. It is up to us humans to change their mind.

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