Dogmantics- Dog Training Television- Episode 1

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Dogmantics Episode 1 Yes, the long awaited first episode of Dogmantics is finally here! I included in this episode the two most frequent requests for videos- How to stop a puppy mouthing and biting and How to interrupt unwanted behavior. Hope you all enjoy! Check back on this description area for more helpful tips and info regarding these particular exercises. I had to edit down tons of info, trying to include only the most important information to make this show friendly to beginner clicker trainers, not just professional dog trainers. Please remember to subscribe rate and comment to give me some feed back. Ive really put a lot of time and energy into this show. I really hope it will make a difference for those around the world in a town or city that doesnt have any clicker training classes or information on clicker training. Episodes to follow will have: Tutorials- how to solve problem behaviors and how to teach new behaviors and tricks, Interviews, Understanding dog body language and communication, Contests, Field Trips, Clicker Puppy Tips, and ???? YOU DECIDE! —————————————————— How to end barking how to stop bad behavior how to stop chewing how to stop biting using a positive interrupter how to tell your dog no eh eh without being a jerk how to communicate with your dog using clicker training dog training tips and techniques teaching your puppy how to puppy training house training how to stop your puppy doing bad things tv show

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. davdunc
    | Reply

    Truly impressed with your skill and sensitivity. I heard someone talking about compulsive training techniques involving loud noises and rolled newspapers recently. I sent them links to your videos instantly. Thanks for giving us these tools.

  2. alzirfraga
    | Reply

    Thank you very much for the excellent video. I sought a lot, buying several books, accompanying Cesar Millan, enrolling in Eric Letendre’s group and others, but your explanations are the simplest and convincing. To discover your site was a pleasure and to know that you are beginning a systematic course is happiness. My sincere congratulations for the excellent work!

  3. intensegurl
    | Reply

    That was very very helpful. I want to train my chihuahua but it seems like he can’t pay attention long enough.

  4. kumikoStarss
    | Reply

    Good video and the fact that you teach alternatives to punishment.

    I wonder what treats do you use for reinforcement? My Yorkie pup is picky.

  5. j1a2h3
    | Reply

    when you whistled in this video my dog immediatley turned to the TV, i like your videos and hope to use the techniques with my dogs.

    doubt it will work to well as my dogs are fully grown but worth a try.

    both dogs are verry smart in their own way, e.g. one is house trained but cannot fetch ect and the other does pretty much everything but can be disobedient.

    keep making videos 5/5

  6. yasijenny
    | Reply

    That’s a great idea. I like the kissing noise much better than “leave it” as a cue

  7. xJaffaBobx
    | Reply

    “I like it when you do that with your butt”
    LOL Emily is so cool

  8. deanjameston1290
    | Reply

    watch full tv shows over at krunchd(dot)com/freebietv

  9. jaybabe73
    | Reply

    I love your videos and am looking forward to more clicker training information. Especially traveling with your dog!

  10. kikzrandrade
    | Reply

    thank you very very very… very! much!!!

  11. whereartthouart
    | Reply

    Excellent video thanks for posting

  12. nice8n
    | Reply

    this is the only channel i subscribed to 🙂 you offer the best tutorial. Thanks so much! It’s fun learning how to understand dog behaviour and training them…

  13. jarahjanemusic
    | Reply

    Awesome tutorials!! I love your videos!
    Keep em coming! I’m a fan for life!

  14. dottydottyc
    | Reply

    Love your videos. Thanks for all the great easy-to-follow training advice!

  15. dzutube1
    | Reply

    Thanks for your great training videos…love your positive approach!!! I am learning soooo much.

  16. tehrenberg
    | Reply

    Huh, I just now noticed that you used music by fellow youtuber finnbjerke. . . that is so cool. So, guess what – I have a puppy coming to me this Thursday. YIKES. I’m so simultaneously excited and scared it’s almost stupid. I’m watching your videos to keep my focus.

  17. DestinyRed23
    | Reply

    this is so gonna help when i get my gsd puppy!!cant wait!!

  18. Josmolives
    | Reply

    Anyone know what I should use as a treat for a 1 1/2 month old cocker spaniel? I need this help! lol

  19. wwzwlmd
    | Reply

    Thanks but how do u use a pee pad like how do u get them to use it

  20. suchdogs1
    | Reply

    I love all your videos!
    Who are the people that give you the thumbs down and why?!
    On the other hand why even care?
    Keep up the good work and thank you

  21. suchdogs1
    | Reply

    I never used pee pads, but I think they are scented of pheromones with dog urine to attract the dog. (But not a 100% sure) of course you want to help him/her get there and once he does you want to praise him/her. Later on, I believe you take the pee pad outside and encourage the dog to use it out doors and slowly remove it over time.(Correct me if I am wrong)

  22. BatliciousBatgirl
    | Reply

    how do you get your dog to know that biting someone is not okay?

  23. APPLEHEAD2009
    | Reply

    Thank you! you are my role model! you have inspired me to be a trainer and go to college!

  24. CoolAnimals246
    | Reply

    Hehe love the song at the begining

  25. Nala5106
    | Reply

    Hi. I am 12 and have a 6 year old female German shepherd who about two years ago got this thing where she won’t be in the Same room as me without having her ears flat tail between legs and whining. Any suggestions?

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