Dog vs. Rat vs. Cat: A Trick Contest

Three years after “Cat vs. Dog: A Trick Contest”, Nana and Kaiser are back and ready to take on new challengers. But do the rats have what it takes to bring …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Amelia Taggart says:

    What kinds of animals do you have? And how many?

  2. Aftab Sheikh says:

    for a rat and a cat it is amazing but for a dog a border collie in fact
    and a WHITE RAT it is probally easy so kaiser and raven win. but wait!
    famous is a blind rat….

  3. Kristi Bunnies says:

    The rats!!! Cause they are just too cute!!!

  4. SprotteLissy says:

    This is way too cool! You’re a fantastic trainer, keep on doing :)

  5. Magnus Samuelsson says:

    That’s really cool. Very original tricks. That is a beautiful cat, btw…
    what breed?

  6. Krista and Rocky says:

    AMAZING!!!! We subscribed! We hope you will subscribe back so you won’t
    miss a new video! How did you teach Nana, Kaiser, Raven and Famous all
    those tricks and behaviors?? Completely AMAZING<3!!! Please make more of
    your awesome, outstanding, amazing videos!
    Keep Clicker Training Forever!
    -Krista and Rocky

  7. Leah Bettis says:

    3 small words to say, COOL OUTSTANDING AMAZING trainer! I think kiaser and
    nana won not just because of there awsome tricks but imprefer bigger pets
    not cage pets but still cool! 

  8. Aaron Johnson says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could dislike this video.

  9. MarioandKirbyfan123 says:

    Wow, this was crazy! They managed to do so many amazing tricks! 😀 I’d say
    either Nana and Kaiser won, or Nana and Famous.

  10. Celiciah Gideon says:

    No if a rat has red eyes then it can’t see or hear and if she see’s what
    she is doing in tightrope then she can’t hear stupid and rats win :-)

  11. BeebsBonanza says:

    I will never kill another rat again.

  12. Kawaii Noizu says:

    WOW you’re an amazing trainer 

  13. obsessedwolf says:

    Ratties won! I love this vid. My current rats don’t do tricks, because I
    have no time to teach them, but when my daughter was younger she was
    working with our rats then. At the moment, I adopted a problematic dog from
    a shelter and most of my for pet’s time I spend teaching her to behave and
    to get along with my cat and rats.

  14. Amelia and Louby says:

    You and your pets are so cool! It is amazing how you have taught all of
    your pets all of these tricks! I love watching your videos, and I have 3
    pets! I have a Westie called Louby, who loves to perform tricks, a cat
    called Shadow, and another cat called Mittens! It would be great if you
    watched some of my YouTube videos. +NanaBorderCollie 

  15. Szilvia Greiner says:

    You’re a fantastic trainer *.* this is amazing! :3
    (what kind of reward food give you for the rats?) 

  16. Shalisa Anthony says:

    Amazing! Brought a smile on my face! The bestest (!) cat/rat/dog vidclip
    going! Well done! !!!! 

  17. Starranger64's Channel says:

    Wow you are a fantastic trainer! You have amazing strong pets.

  18. DebbietheRatlady says:

    The rats are marvelous! I love it! What a wonderful video.

  19. Mystyfied101 says:

    How much pets do you guys have?

  20. Yassmine Bouhouch says:

    I hate saying that but

  21. Can you post a video telling us how to train our cats please and rats I
    think that is what everybody want right????

  22. Aaron Chen says:

    The rats won.because he could pull the flag. Awesome

  23. kayla7162542 says:

    What kind of rats are those and keep up the good training 

  24. fatchessie says:

    for kaiser and raven ravn won but between nana and famous famous won but if
    they were in a free for all Raven would win over all

  25. Daniel Sutherland says:

    Can you make a video on how to train your rats?

  26. Edward Burnley says:

    rats are the winners

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