Dog Training – Training Your Dog To Pee And Poop On Command

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Standing outside in the freezing cold or pouring rain waiting for your dog to pee is no fun. Learn how you can train your dog to go on command. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. AlisonRich
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for this video I just got a 1 yr old rescue, he is a longhaired dachshund, He has been in a kennel 10 hours a day for the last 6 months so my problem is I live in a townhome and the only place for him to potty is the rock beds on the side of the sidewalk my 8 yr old dachshund goes there just fine, now I have to teach Koda to do the same thing, and he will sniff around forever and not go, and when he does its hard for me to tell because he doesnt lift his leg LOL wish me luck

  2. dianayujulin
    | Reply

    i say “pee pee” and “poo poo” XD my dog does pretty well with these commends

  3. SimplesEasy
    | Reply

    or go for a poo?

  4. MultiIPwnage
    | Reply

    My dog is rubbing its head on my leg none stop. and bringing toys to me.. but i the only one here and can’t play 🙁

  5. funnygirl532
    | Reply

    i just got my dog, he doesnt understand not to pee in the carpet

  6. DNyc
    | Reply

    GET BUSY!!!!

  7. MrCarl305
    | Reply

    get a tissue paper and wipe it.. then throw it wherever to your designated place to pee. 😀

  8. rainyghost
    | Reply

    Very nice. Please check out my brief video on how to take this to the next level and train your dog to make cleaning up dog poop much easier.

  9. Hetman1974
    | Reply

    The earth is older than we believe. As the Earth Crusts are recycled into the magma of the earth. The fossils we do see are in fact Version 5.0. We are the top of the food chain in the Primate Gene Pool. Reptilians were the top of the Chain during the time of the Dinosaurs.

    Ever look at a Locust? That is alien! They probably can communicate with other dimensions, ESP?, or worst could be spies for other life forms far away.

    We as Humans are only just starting to think outside the square.

  10. 64xD
    | Reply

    ill try

  11. PapaSmurf5959
    | Reply

    I agree, my german shepherd eats on a schedule and myself works on a schedule. I have to feed my dog every morning based on how much excersize i am able to give her, I have to feed her every evening also based on the amount of exercise i give her. She pees and poos both once in the morning before i leave and once in the evening when i get home. i then feed her extra water and let her out to pee again before bed time. This works for me and my beautiful Von Der Hause german, Sophie.

  12. sueygurl1962
    | Reply

    i tell mine go potty

  13. poploverist
    | Reply

    loved it when u say pee or poop haha!!

  14. MrAnalBleeding
    | Reply

    @PapaSmurf5959 don’t forget to tell everyone about the part of the day when you smear peanut butter in your asshole and let the dog lick it off. That’s why you go a dog right?

  15. patrick7h
    | Reply

    hurry up!

  16. TheScissorsCut
    | Reply

    @PapaSmurf5959 YAY. I get up at about 6am then pee, then depending on how hungry i am i might make some toast for breakfast, i usually have butter and jam on it, and i might also have a coffee. Then i see whats on tv that day, by this time the coffees gone right through me and i need to pee again. By lunchtime ive pooed and im ready for a sandwich, hmm what to put on it, this questions always stumps me, but i pull through. After lunch i sometimes have a nap then im up in time to cook dinner.

  17. TheScissorsCut
    | Reply

    @MrAnalBleeding he just assumed we already knew

  18. RavenSLave1
    | Reply

    thankyou!! now my dog doesnt have to sleep outside! i was so scared too many ppl steel things im my back yard and i didnt want him to be next!

  19. LJTdog
    | Reply

    I am a dog trainer in the west midlands (uk)…
    i have trained under some very well established clubs and schools in the west midlands area.

    i have recently been following eric on youtube and by getting his emails.
    i am big fan.
    keep it up eric.

  20. dimseeeen
    | Reply

    id say poo poo pee pee

  21. 2354bill6
    | Reply

    I started doing this she only knows “GO PEE PEE” i’m working on the poop

  22. VikingSkills7
    | Reply

    The Pros say, “Mama Dada, Pee Pee Poo Poo, Peanut Butter Jelly”.
    Its a good pick up line too with the Ladies at the Dog Park.

  23. jodimoss1
    | Reply

    I really enjoyed your video. Do you wait till they have pee’d and poop’d to praise them?

  24. earthwormsoup
    | Reply

    @jodimoss1 Didn’t you just watch the video?? Damn.

  25. knight3134
    | Reply

    use “PEE PEE TIME” it’s great

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