Dog Training : Tips on How to Train a Coon Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Training coon dogs, or coon hounds, requires purchasing manufactured scents to get the dog to track the smell of different game. Consult a professional coon hound trainer with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience. Expert: Heidi Dixner Contact: Bio: Heidi Dixner is the owner of Red Rover Pet Services in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

What do you think?

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  1. RhinoCSS says:

    is it a abo?

  2. urvideoizgay says:


  3. Bird7880 says:

    wow two hole tips do you have any idea how dum you sound

  4. ladeeraven says:

    The correct term is BAWL not bark or howl.

  5. bonehead515 says:

    i hate ur videos the titles are misleading, you dont teach us anthing all you do is tell us to consult a pro. ur just trying to show off. gosh

  6. zero963 says:

    it doesnt say how to train them.its says TIPS on how to train them

  7. fishnkid1923 says:

    ud never know she knew so much about coon huntin…lol

  8. Camogirl74 says:

    Fyi all u need is a tree and some coon piss people

  9. Orangman32 says:

    Thanks 4 the video, I got a new bluetick coonhound mix pup.

  10. sonnie2648 says:

    tracking certain GAme??would that be a coon???, cause I sure wouldnt want my dog to just track all have good points, about this…

  11. abbyblues07 says:

    ok well its not all bout tracking i dont want my dog to go out there track soemtihing and never tree it that would piss my off more than anything wellthe hardest thing really is to get them to tree u didmt even talk bout that and some dogs its hard to get them to track and all id want my dog to do it run coon not game thank u very much it did help any one


  13. ROOSTERKING91 says:

    eney dog can be trand to do just about eney thing but its harder with other dogs thar just not born with the instenkt to hunt but i have traned pit bulls and boxers to hunt coons so thar u go

  14. mrisaac1999 says:

    no it needs to be a hound

  15. coaltrain1011001 says:

    this woman doesnt know anything she is ignorant of it

  16. magicdevil97 says:

    yankee knows notin

  17. magicdevil97 says:

    @ROOSTERKING91uscant spell its any not eney

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