Dog Training Tips : How to Talk to Your Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Avoid baby talk with dogs: learn how to talk to your dog and use a commanding voice when being stern with him; learn more in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. alemeyo
    | Reply

    i don’t agree with the first part of the video
    you should talk to your dog and you should talk with a bayby voice (especially when it’s a puppy)
    the dog will always be exiting no matter what…you can’t just order your dog to have different moods when ever you want and feel like it
    if you are being so strict with your dog he won’t develop his personality

  2. NextGenGamings
    | Reply

    Who the hell want a boring calm dog gaywad

  3. Da360Waver
    | Reply

    that is really fucking helpfull man. wen mi dog bites my computer cord i tell the dog no in a semi loud voice but she deosnt do anything unless i get up lol. its liker shes blowin me off wat do i do

  4. Rosette46
    | Reply

    I don’t really agree with this guy. Dogs are social animals, and a little baby talk won’t hurt anyone. If my dog was as lethargic and boring as his dog, I don’t think I’d love him very much. :/ You can tell a lot about this trainer just by his training methods, and I certainly wouldn’t ever want to be friends with him. So serious, stern, and strict all the time…

  5. Rosette46
    | Reply

    I don’t agree with this guy at all! Dogs are social animals and a little baby talk now and then won’t hurt anyone. If my dog was as lethargic and boring as his dog is, I don’t think I’d love him as much. you can tell a lot about this guy’s personality just through this video, and I wouldn’t wanna be his friend irl. so serious and strict all the time…

  6. Awsomefire10
    | Reply

    @jacqui1807 Well, when you do something wrong, your parents are angry right? What would yo do if YOUR dog did something wrong? If u pull him, he would pull you and he feels the pain. If you say no in a low voice, he wouldn’t listen to you. You just have to teach him how not to attack people, bark at them and so on.

  7. jackmarce04
    | Reply

    that really answered my question for today.. because i cant talk baby to my dogs i find it hard for me..

  8. XiloveKoRnX
    | Reply

    I don’t have pets, wish I could, but honestly I don’t fully agree with this guy. It’s good to talk in a baby voice to them occaisonally, it keeps them interested. Plus, I wouldn’t want a calm robotic dog all the time. I at least would want to see my dog energetic sometimes…

  9. superdrawing
    | Reply

    dam i messed up my dog by talking like a baby

  10. ajkoolmeh12
    | Reply

    i like my dog hyper (his not a big dog)

  11. o0softcake0o
    | Reply

    1:14 lol the other dog tried to get in =))

  12. ogglepuss
    | Reply

    What is with all the rude comments, this guy is good, ofcorse you have to be playful annd energetic with your dog but if you speek to him in a high voice all the time they become to hyper and unstable, they need consistancy between playtime and relax time.

  13. Secretzeke9292
    | Reply

    i like ur brown dog and his stance

  14. TECpeds94
    | Reply

    i like to talk to my dog like he said not too i enjoy it lol and he likes it i no it

  15. ij921234
    | Reply

    thats sad u said noo!!!!!!! and they jumped and he got his ball

  16. micksmaggot7
    | Reply

    if u dont want a dog to be happy and excited then dont get a fucken dog.
    get a cat.

  17. roseglass6370
    | Reply

    I love the dog’s yawn. 🙂

  18. joshramsy03
    | Reply

    do they really think deaf people are gonna want to talk to their dog pfffft

  19. bigstar1231
    | Reply

    wwrong u suck big balls ur a dick to all animals

  20. maryjen123
    | Reply

    Seriously your wrong the dog needs some love no wonder they are so sad

  21. kayeLUV143
    | Reply

    the dogs look sad 🙁

  22. JoshTheBosssssssssss
    | Reply

    One question does this work with wolfs?

  23. DalueCommentarys
    | Reply

    this guy obviously doesn’t like dogs.

  24. timmysponge
    | Reply

    your dogs hate you…they look lonely you like made so much videos with them.

  25. gabrock55
    | Reply

    hehe thumbs up if u think that the soccor ball is a stress toy when ever he yells at them lolz lmfao

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