Dog Training Tips : How to Show a Dog Love

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Don’t baby talk to your dog to show them love, give your dog a massage, or take him for a walk; learn more tips on showing your dog love in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. xstiffshaft
    | Reply

    I wouldn’t look in a mirror ever if I were you…

  2. philandstace
    | Reply

    Haha you two are going at it like a couple of school girls… LOL.. great stuff.. Sometimes comments are better than the videos..

  3. FoxDiaz22
    | Reply

    i try talking to her nice, but not a lot, i try blazin with her then massaging her and then taking her out for a walk, (apart from our daily 1.8 mile run) ..she seems to E.N.J.O.Y the hell out of my bed, but she got too happy or too scared and peed on it…i try to take good care of her and she’s really well-behaved for a puppy her age but sometimes she fucks up on the most elemental things…

    | Reply

    oh they dont no what i love you means i thought they spoke english??

  5. Mith4Dj
    | Reply

    wow i massaged my puppy german shephard and he fell asleep.

  6. savecharles
    | Reply

    a little silly to have to teach someone how to love they’re dog. just feed, play with them every day, give him a bone every so often, walks, attention..who didnt know that?

  7. S0XF0X
    | Reply

    The high pitched voice and talking are learned forms of positive attention. Most of the time, when we go into “happy talk” mode with our dogs, we’re accompanying it with feeding them, petting/playing with them, or giving them a reward. It doesn’t take long for the dog to connect, “When they make that kind of sound, it means I did good!” So, yes, it can be effective. Also, I’ve met some dogs who hate messages, and none who dislike a gentle pet down their backs. It depends on the dog.

  8. 7notsolucky
    | Reply


  9. mikilavush
    | Reply

    Dogs mainly do not understand what humans say, but dogs like to listen to the sound of human voice, if the emotion in the voice is peaceful, kind and gentle. A dog can be deeply moved by truly loving emotions in human voice and can respond by whimpering meekly and passionately. In the same way dogs can be deeply moved by comely and pleasant music, since music is the language of emotions. To me there is no doubt that the emotionality of dogs corresponds to genuine human emotionality.

  10. spawnkillsu
    | Reply

    my 9 month puppy loves it when i give her toys,play with her,walk her,pet her,etc. dogs are not humans people give them treatment that is not natural for dogs.for example:on its me or the dog i saw a lady gave her 3 dogs royal treatment like:giving them human food, sleeping on beds.she did not give a CRAP about her kids. normal dogs like mine like want to be treated like a dog…not a spoiled little KID.

  11. BlueBerryz357
    | Reply

    when i take my dog for a walk he always barks and jumps on people,and so i cant take him out for walks

  12. mbenson2790
    | Reply

    i HATE it when people baby talk their dog/dogs

  13. FMcD
    | Reply

    @Mith4Dj My year old german shepherd still falls asleep when i massage her πŸ˜€

  14. krazi13579
    | Reply

    really like and enjoy your vids:)

  15. zoidbetag
    | Reply

    Allright, i’m gonna massage my dog….just hope he doesn’t end up bored of life like those 2 dogs πŸ˜€

  16. EliteToonZ
    | Reply

    Haha when u said walk the dog looked u…. =)

  17. nocjoz
    | Reply

    goot tips but bad sound -.-

  18. Secretzeke9292
    | Reply

    can u massage me next?

  19. mien4ever
    | Reply

    @captmicha my chihuahua does that

  20. mien4ever
    | Reply

    how do you massage a chihuahua wen i try 2 massage him he butes me

  21. mien4ever
    | Reply

    @EliteToonZ i think he jes looked at him cuz he stopped massaging him

  22. mien4ever
    | Reply

    @mikilavush yea my chihuahua does that 2,though sometime i swear he winks at me…

  23. captmicha
    | Reply

    @Pimpmastahanhduece I know where you live you dumbass. I’ll get you and your little dog too.

  24. marleeny12
    | Reply

    my puppy is only 3 mths old and is on her second set of shots. When can I start walking her. I was told at 6 mths is that true? Also since she is an indoor dog should I get her flea meds before starting to walk her?

  25. brocolims
    | Reply

    um, our regular dogs are not wolves, so i think, that you give em treats while sitting slanted, and it gives the mindset that : hey its gd hanging out with ya! and it will trust you.

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