Dog Training Tips : How to Put a Leash on a Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Make sure your dog is calm when you put a leash on him when going for a walk; get more tips on walking with dogs in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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20 Responses

  1. cab711
    | Reply

    Yeah great…when hes calm. Wat am i supposed to do to calm him, valium? This training video doesnt address bad behaviour. Try this with a dog that is disobedient.

  2. ppimpin007
    | Reply

    all true, but honestly, outside he should be able to sniff and lookaround… honestly. cant always be boot camp, thats sad..

  3. bonafidejatt
    | Reply

    i agree my pit barely lets me put his leash on him

  4. id0069
    | Reply

    The whole point of taking the dog for a walk is to let the dog explore a little, see a bit of the world, to enjoy life, to be happy, to do what is natural for it, to be a dog. This approach is terribly sad.

    You really need to find out something about dogs, before trying to teach others. Give your dogs a break and hire a professional.

  5. hunterblk68
    | Reply

    does the “id” in your name stand for idiot????

  6. OzJL
    | Reply

    Your tips are good but I’m feeling as though it is almost impossible to walk my overly excited, adopted little terrier. She is a great dog until she goes for a walk and sees another dog. She flips, barks, jumps on her back feet and turns into another dog. It would be great to see you training an overly excited dog.

  7. kaajit
    | Reply

    i feel sorry for your dogs dude, its probably like a nightmare to them (walks) lets ur dogs look aorund and be happy, not some zombie

  8. djdeals
    | Reply

    All you idiots that bad mouth the guy in the video are stupid retards that shouldn’t have dogs in the first place. I see way to many dogs that dont know how to act running after little kids barking all fucking day. To you it may seem cute and harmless but its annoying for others. For years I hated dogs until I came across some calm loving dogs my friends had. But everyday i still see dogs that are being spoiled because their owners refuse to draw a line

  9. hdzmiriam
    | Reply

    i’m with you… dogs should be following you, in the wild state they won’t stop following the leader. Although, my beagle is always sniffing… i’m tired of pulling her collar, and don’t know how to get her on track (today i actually had a breakdown, and my dog totally felt it and started misbehaving terribly)…

  10. LilMissAmyob
    | Reply

    oh come on, let them sniff! You’re dog’s been inside all day, you take him outside, and you don’t let him even SNIFF!! That is so mean!

  11. ij921234
    | Reply

    omg u take the dog outside for 1 sec then put him back in that is so sad

  12. VeryBadReputation
    | Reply

    In nature if a pack animal stops every now and then to sniff, pee, poop etc then there will never get were they want to go. All pack species travel and when they get at there destination they relax and do what they want. It seems logic to me to not let the dog sniff when walking

  13. mimi345d
    | Reply

    Omg I don’t think this owner ever let’s his dogs have fun or get excited not even sniff!!!!!

  14. mien4ever
    | Reply

    then how does he pee

  15. mien4ever
    | Reply

    i cant jes make use the bath room in the back yard all the time

  16. spasquar
    | Reply

    @id0069 Actually, the point of a walk is to give the dog exercise. There are three states of mind in a dog that you must fulfill. Body, Mind, and Heart. They need to be fulfilled in that order. Walks are purely for bonding and exercise. If you are the pack leader, you control the walk. Exploring, sniffing, marking, is all territorial, dominant, and pack leader behavior. If he’s not the pack leader, there’s no reason he or she should be doing those things. I find this man very intelligent.

  17. gimkilo57
    | Reply

    @ij921234 it was just for a demonstration. didnt you get it?

  18. gimkilo57
    | Reply

    Dogs should be aloud to snif the ground and look where they want. They can even walk ahead of you as long as they don’t pull.

  19. EDH1993
    | Reply

    that dog looks happy 🙂 lol

  20. theBlue123498
    | Reply

    give your dogs a break there. dogs go outside is to see the world and enjoy life. And it’s their natural thing to sniff the ground or look around cause sniffing the ground indicates that they wanna take a dump or pee. again, give em a break.

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