Dog Training Tips : How to Care for Small Dog Breeds

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Care for small breed dogs by exercising them: make them walk instead of carrying them everywhere. Take care of small breed dogs with the tips in this free video on dog training from a professional dog trainer. Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg Contact: Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

What do you think?

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23 Responses

  1. MrWazzah
    | Reply

    what a bad ass

  2. fazzy65
    | Reply

    Great ! I shall now go and pinch little dogs on the neck. Sounds like fun.
    If they bite me, then I will snap their spines!!!
    Any more good advice buddy?

  3. LPSloversBF
    | Reply

    thats not how u train a dog i have ben training dogs for 3 years and im 11 and noone has evr come bsck to me saying how i trained there dog bad.

  4. sodoku50
    | Reply

    Poor thing! She thinks your going to eat her!?!

  5. sexymodelboy
    | Reply

    LOL @ Fazzy65

  6. adammanymoons
    | Reply

    Nice job, that dog is now wondering why the hell you pinched the crap out of it for no reason.

  7. Staab0
    | Reply

    Thats what i thought haha.

  8. yomamma228
    | Reply

    Wow, he looks like a fucking drug abuser.

  9. cloudXXLV
    | Reply

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  10. Amobeatles
    | Reply

    I agree with you! LMFAO!

  11. Amobeatles
    | Reply


  12. bincemayo23
    | Reply

    hello only michael vick knows how to take care of dogs

  13. Db94Yoshi
    | Reply

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  14. C4Tforever
    | Reply

    ohh looks jus tlike my dog but my one is more chubbier…cute!

  15. orbisun
    | Reply

    i know right! i was just thinking how that little dog looks like a blonde version of my dog when he bitch-pinched her for no reason! how can i trust a guy who just punished his dog for sitting there quietly (even if it’s just an “example” the dog doesn’t know that.) do that enough and you’ll def have a nervous dog!

  16. C4Tforever
    | Reply

    LOL yea but it hink he just tried to show us..just to train ppl but Britney sure duz look pretty nervous to me seated on his lap…poor thing…but since its a small dog she wldnt bite him but if u pinch a bigger dog for no reason it cld get angry hee heeee….in this trainers case Britney seems like she knows he is going to pinch her and waited patiently til she did and then licked his hand ha ha..thats one svt doggy!! pls tc of her! 🙂

  17. cpdjustice
    | Reply

    you are sorta cute ad have a cool name but you do not know anything about dog training. where did you train? what are your credentials? that is the problem these days… anyone can be a self professed dog trainer.

  18. fufudoggydaycare
    | Reply

    I agree small dogs love lots of excersise

  19. BakuraSR45
    | Reply

    I’m getting a Lhasa Apso lol

  20. One4USA2008
    | Reply

    I know you love your dog but I agree with adammanymoons that probably wasn’t the best thing to do, you could have just said it rather than do it, a visualation wasn’t necessary. That’s like spanking your kid to show other parents how to discipline and correct a child (don’t think you would do that without the child acting out), anyway take care of your pooch and hopefully he/she doesn’t have to live in that kennel you have behind you.

  21. AKQJ40
    | Reply

    @adammanymoons lol

  22. AKQJ40
    | Reply


  23. iFuzions
    | Reply

    when i touch my dog it bites me

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