Dog Training Tips : Dog Training: Preventing Jumping

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Training dogs not to jump on people can be difficult when there are many people in the household unknowingly encouraging jumping. Learn more about how to train dogs not to jump up on people with tips from an animal behavior expert in this free dog training video. Expert: Donna Bainter Contact: Bio: Donna Bainter has been a feline and canine behavior trainer since 2000. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

What do you think?

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19 Responses

  1. smartguy0110
    | Reply

    first comment

  2. WeazelEyes
    | Reply

    Thanks, that makes sense.

  3. rockinhoppman8
    | Reply

    its hard to train a pitbull any ideas?

  4. flloydianworld
    | Reply

    My dog jumps on my relatives. I’ve got a new born and am extremely worried.

  5. georgiarider
    | Reply

    What if you have a dog that jumps on you, you turn your back and pay no attention to him, he sits, but as soon as you make eye contact with him, he starts jumping again. Over and over. Is he just stupid?

  6. alphamarquis
    | Reply

    i think you need to reward the good behavior when he sits on all fours

  7. cinejan
    | Reply

    This means you are cuing the dog to do other than you intend. Don’t make eye contact and this will be a calming behavior that says,”I don’t care what you think, I am not going to let you do that to me.” Looking at a dog in the eye can be a showdown or, per how the dog thinks, asking,”now what should I do?” A dog looks to a leader to follow, so if you look at the dog for more than 2 sec, he will think you are asking him to lead you.

  8. cinejan
    | Reply

    It is harder to train the owner than to train any dog. When you ‘connect’ with your dog, and lead him, he’ll follow more easily. That is the crucial part of dog training: natural leadership. Happily, humans can learn to lead and speak “K-9” so the dog can follow. The dog really wants to follow if they just know how and aren’t scared or unsure how, to follow.

  9. rockinhoppman8
    | Reply

    yeah thats true thanks 4 the help,my pit keeps digging holes i heard if you bury there poop they wont dig it up does it help?

  10. rockinhoppman8
    | Reply

    when ur relitives come over put your dog on a lesh and take him/her to them tell her/him to sit in front of them, give him/her a treat and repat process until her stops jumping if this does not work let me know i have more solutions

  11. rockinhoppman8
    | Reply

    no all he wants is attention, so is he continues to jump just stop an stay calm hell get the gist
    this takes a while so be willing to spend some time workin on it

  12. babylover277
    | Reply

    yes there stuborn but i got one that is very hiyper and when it jumps on me i will go pet a dog already sitting and then my pitbull will sit then i finnaly pet my dog and then he likes to dumps his water bowl into his food bowl then he wont eat his food so i diddnt give him food till he stopped his behavor( i had him monitered by vet at all time dont try this without vet consulting)soon later he learned now i got to stop him from chasing our goats havent figured how yet

  13. KillahLedesma
    | Reply

    nigga ur stubborn. all u r si a dumb bitch! dont talk about ma dog nigga. yeah thts mine. i get payed alotta money to put that dog on TV!!!

  14. animal5girl
    | Reply

    dont call people niggers…

  15. animal5girl
    | Reply

    mine jumps up and bites me…

  16. 1986diane
    | Reply

    this is a very good, true and helpfull advice! bad behaviour is also ignored in the wild.. very good thx!

  17. 19Iggy96
    | Reply

    This is fantastic advice
    My pups a tearaway lol

  18. nirodahero
    | Reply

    samee!! i don’t know how to stop that when i try to ignore and turn around it tries to bite my ear

  19. Clipmaster646563
    | Reply

    @nirodahero same thing with me

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