Dog Training Tip of the Day- Tugging with your dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

In this short tip video, I go over how to decrease arousal over toys by only letting the dog have the toy when they are not over aroused. This video also goes over how to teach the dog the cues ‘get it’ and ‘drop it’. You can use whatever verbal cues you like, some people will use ‘take it’ and ‘out’ as their cues. ———- dog training obedience training working for a toy toy drive calmness around toys using a clicker to train a dog impulse control around toys tip of the day number two kikopup dogmantics help training your dog free videos and information problem behaviors

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. AnimalLoverLizzy
    | Reply

    Oh it was a dog training seminar with the Superdogs, you may have heard of them, the perform all over Canada and in other countries too… The come to my city for a couple weeks every summer, and I had been talking with them about performing with Sparky, so they invited us to their first seminar, and now we’ve been accepted into their dog shows. Today was our first day, performing in front of about 5 thousand people… SO scary, yet amazing at the same time. 🙂

  2. Felisism
    | Reply

    Hi Emily! My name is Felis, I’m from Germany and I’ve been watching all your training videos over the last few days. And I have to say that Ive been very deeply moved, because I’ve realized that Ive done so much wrong with my dog!! 🙁 As you were saying somewhere, I keep thinking “if only I’d known this before”. I have a two-year old Border boy, and though most people say he’s very well behaved (we do obedience) I think he’s not very well trained at all! He doesn’t have fun during training, ..

  3. Felisism
    | Reply

    gets totally aroused over toys, has a fear-based dog aggression, (would) likes to chase running kids, is very annoying around visitors (constantly nagging them to play with him) and more. Although Ive never harmed him physically or anything Ive used all the traditional methods of dog training. I think our relationsip isnt the best, nothing like yours is with Kiko and Splash. Were using the clicker during training (well, you had a video on that). I want to change all that!

  4. Felisism
    | Reply

    I just dont know how to start!! Ive read books and will do more research, but I just wanted to ask if there is anything, some advice you could share with me. Should I just start teaching some new tricks? Should I start using the clicker in all difficult situations at once? How would you go about it (say, if you got a new difficult dog who didnt know the clicker)?

  5. Felisism
    | Reply

    I would be very grateful for a response, however, I also want to say thanks a million times for doing those great videos and getting me thinking. And hopefully get us started into a new life! 🙂 Bye then, ~Felis (sorry btw that my comments are the wrong way around)

  6. monroeroadrunner
    | Reply

    Very cool video! Will use with Tippy, my JRT!

  7. kikopup
    | Reply

    Wow! Well done! I bet Sparky was the star of the show!
    Now yes I do know Superdogs, but I for some reason because it was a seminar, thought of Mary Rays book Superdog. 🙂

  8. kikopup
    | Reply

    Hmm… well from the sound of it, it sounds like you have a very normal BC. Yes, the environment has reinforced the dog for doing certain annoying behaviors, but you can change that. Figure out what you DO want the dog to do and start reinforcing those things instead, while not letting the dog practice the behaviors you dislike (interrupting the dog, having them on leash, in the crate) What you mainly have to do is counter conditioning- creating calmer behaviors around certain stimuli

  9. AnimalLoverLizzy
    | Reply

    Thank you!
    Ah no, it was not by Mary Ray, but I’m glad you do know of the Superdogs. Sparky was only there for two days to see how he could do with the lights and music and crowds, he did excellent. I was shocked that there were 8 thousand people watching each show! He’s slowing down now for the races and things, as he is getting older now, but they want Sparky back next year again as a freestyle dancer, so we’re going to keep working on that. 😉 It was a wonderful experience to be there. 🙂

  10. KPMasher
    | Reply

    Awesome! I worked on this with Claire (One of my Tzu’s) She has improved! She knows how to let go, Already! 😀


  11. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    Wow, this video was indeed very informative! Thanks Emily, Anyways, your border Collie, Slash, is she a Merle Blue? Did you rescue her?

  12. k9mpmak
    | Reply

    Do you have much experience with teaching “service dog tasks” such as picking up small objects like coins, as well as opening heavy doors?

  13. KrazyKai0905
    | Reply

    Thanks for the “drop” tip! Kai lunges after the toy once she lets go, so I think the treat will slow her down 🙂

    ~~*Harper & Kai*~~

  14. TokioHotel197
    | Reply

    Wow, amazing video and job!

  15. navaxtina
    | Reply

    Thanks for the video! really good job!
    I’ll try to do it with Lua!

  16. BJsHappyHour
    | Reply

    This looks like fun – must try

    but sis doesn’t like clicker – she’s afraid of it. ;0{

  17. clicker4life9
    | Reply

    I love your video, but just a quick question. If your dog gets too excited, what should you do to “end the game”? If my dog gets the toy and gets too excited, she refuses to let go and I’m not sure how to get the game to end. Thanks!

  18. Corollaboi
    | Reply

    Did she say put food in his nose? I can’t really hear what she says.

  19. jameskopacz
    | Reply

    @Corollaboi she said put it at their nose, i think that’s so they go after the treat instead of the toy and that action also makes them release the toy too.

  20. lizblue159
    | Reply

    my dog likes to play tug of war with my pant leg and other things he shouldnt be chewing on. if i try to take it away he runs. what should i do? he also likes chewing on chords. any help with that?

  21. nikiosko
    | Reply

    I know that you can train your dogs to perform special tricks and such, but can you train them not to bite or not to be agressive while around other dogs or persons?

  22. NormyPie
    | Reply

    @clicker4life9 You can ‘end the game’ by not playing!

  23. WilkinatorGladiator
    | Reply

    Did anyone else watch this video with Tugging meaning Masturbating?

  24. MWcrazyhorse
    | Reply

    “T-dog”? Because he has only one front limb and hence looks a little like a T?

  25. brownsteel2008
    | Reply

    for how long do we have to continue giving treats… should we reduce the frequency gradually till my dog just catches on the cue, and doesnt expect treat everytime? please reply.

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