Dog training tip of the day- Fading a Lure (while teaching SPIN)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

This is a quick how to video I made for a youtube user who said they were having trouble getting rid of the lure. I hope to make a more in depth video on this subject. As well as how to ween off of treats as well. But for now here is my Dog training tip of the day. I created the video immediately after having the idea to make it, so I used my own dogs, it would have been great to have used a puppy. I encourage other dog trainers out there to make How to videos on how to fade a lure when training with food, because it is information that is very important to stop training enthusiasts from getting stuck down the road Quick tips when using a lure: 1 Get RID of the lure as soon as you can! The goal is within 3 trials. 2 If you don’t have a clicker use a very short word like “yes!” or “yep!” 3 Always make it harder and harder, don’t get stuck at the same level of criteria 4 If you go to far to quickly you can always go back a step 5 If your dog is not following the lure, get a smellier lure- real meat! ———————— Dog training clicker training training with food how to train a dog how to train a puppy how to get rid of a lure how to stop having food in your hand how to get rid of the food in your hand when training a dog dog how to get the focus off of the treat and onto WORKING for the reinforcement how to use treats when training how to use food when training cool tricks How to teach spin how to teach a dog to spin in a circle how to teach a dog to twirl

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. lynco09
    | Reply

    Emily! Thanks so much for taking the time to do these video’s. I really appreciate seeing the step by step method of these video’s. I’ll be getting a Papillon pup in a couple of months and you can bet I’ll be needing to see these video’s a few times! Thanks again! You and your dogs are GREAT!

  2. wmlgts
    | Reply

    Great video! Very useful information. I loved when Kiko came right up to the camera in the beginning and the end when Splash was spinning on the bucket. And I’m always impressed with your dogs attention during your videos.

  3. cguymartin
    | Reply

    you are awesome! i subscribed and anticipate more videos! keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Suffix95
    | Reply

    Very useful! Thank you! I’ve been having problems with luring, but I’ll try out this for future training!
    5 stars!

  5. mieke337
    | Reply

    Thank you, this is really helpful.
    Sometimes things are easyer to do when you heve seen them instead of reading it from a book

  6. WolfRocker95
    | Reply

    Thank you so much this really helped! And I love Splash’s trick at the end-so cute 🙂

  7. Sallybunckle
    | Reply

    great thank you and keep the video’s coming.cheers

  8. fabiofloripa159
    | Reply

    You are the best dog treinner i have ever seen..
    Best videos on web and also so sweet!!

    kisses from brazil!!!

  9. sen2san
    | Reply

    u make it look so easy and simple

  10. 22lilbabe
    | Reply

    thats really kool! I need my dog to learn spin without the lure. LOL! my friend has a dog like yours. Isn’t splash a border collie?

  11. whitegj1259
    | Reply

    I really admire your work; will you be giving a clinic near Monterey, CA in the future? What is the music you have on the current video for phasing out the lure? You have used it before and I love it.
    Jan White

  12. Krisse91
    | Reply

    Thank you! I was stuck with this and adding the verbal cue, I was unsure about how to do those things. Now I don’t have to use so much treats and hand signals, which is clearer for Miki and now he learns things even faster!

  13. Julepe001
    | Reply

    i really liked the video very well explained

  14. Madrone26
    | Reply

    Love these videos! I can’t tell you how inspiring they’ve been. Keep it up!

  15. SkilledShiloh
    | Reply

    Shiloh can do this trick but isn’t really quick. lol x

  16. nelliemarsh
    | Reply

    just a thought: If a dog isn’t interested in treats you might just feed to much. I’m not saying starve your dog but a lot of dogs I see are a bit chubby! Of course there’s a huge difference in food motivation between collies and bulldogs – but if I hear a bulldog isn’t interested in treats I bet it’s overweight. I like my bulldogs to be slim so I can feel their ribs (but not see them). My 6 dogs love to work for treats, even pieces of apple. I do use real meat in highly distracting situations.

  17. enchantingblackrose
    | Reply

    My dog’s only issue like this is she WILL NOT lay unless I do what I’ve always done, which is lay a palm on the ground. I always give her hand signals as well as words, so I was trying to differentiate between bow (which is a palm up) and lay (palm down) and I started putting it on the floor. Now she won’t lay unless I put my hand on the floor, even though she knows there’s no treat or anything… I’ve tried waiting, but she just sits and waits for me to say something else.

  18. bl4cksm0ke
    | Reply

    spinning around that bucket is a cool trick too!!! great vids – thanks

  19. kikzrandrade
    | Reply

    it is amazing the way they are always looking at you (and your hand) when you’re talking in the beginning! they’re 100% focused!

  20. Adipatus
    | Reply


  21. weirdness281
    | Reply

    My problem with Zooey is that she doesn’t listen unless she knows a treat of some sort is within my reach. It doesn’t have to be in my hand, just in my pocket or on the table near me. She’ll do trick after trick after trick without rewards if she knows there’s a possibility that one might be coming. The only thing she’ll consistently do for me is “stay”, and that’s because sometimes I surprise her by going into the other room and coming back with something yummy.

  22. JDurbie
    | Reply

    So wait…I don’t understand. How quickly do you teach your dog a trick? Can just one training session like this lead to complete acquisition of the trick? Should most people take tricks like this gradually, doing different steps at a time and on different days?

  23. dustyroadzaussies
    | Reply

    What do you do if your dog lays down whenever you try to lure them into a spin?

  24. NormyPie
    | Reply

    Glad I watched this yesterday! I’d trained Noodle to get in the bag yesterday and I started with lures, and now I know I’d used way too many (still worked though – we went to the vet for his jabs, and when we’d finished he got straight back in his bag – no lure). Today I was training him to go in the bike trailer and I did it with just two lures – the rest was shaping!

  25. Fidography
    | Reply

    What if the dog doesn’t get the behavior after three trials, should you go ahead and fade the treat out?

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