Dog Training Tip- Do not tell your dog ‘No’.

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Fred Hassen describes why you should never tell your dog ‘No’, and gives the many reasons and a solution so that you may have a greater bond between you and your dog if you eliminate the word ‘No’ from your vocabulary. If you like this video, you may also want to watch Fred Hassen’s reasons…

What do you think?

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9 Responses

  1. FkyGGGG
    | Reply

    Always AWESOME

  2. fiercefiyya
    | Reply

    Thanks you very much for this. My roommate is always telling her dog no and he is out of control.

  3. lovedbysweetie
    | Reply

    I am working on this too :0) I am the one wo needs training obviously lolol 🙂

  4. ItsRUFF
    | Reply

    Are you willing to debate this in public? I think by not teaching no. You are not allowing your dog to live up to full potential. I do not train the (No bark, No jump, No bite, etc) Even your philosohy should understand that No means No. Whatever it is your are doing at this moment.. Stop it. The problem I have with people is they underestimate their dogs intelligence.

  5. fredhassen
    | Reply

    Hi! Well, I’ve never been stumped on this yet, but I will give you 1 shot at it so make it good. 🙂
    Give me any potential scenario on the planet you can think of, and I will simply tell you what I would do instead of telling him no. I thought I was clear in it’s vagueness, but go ahead.

  6. ItsRUFF
    | Reply

    lol You have already taken this off path. I did not say your way wouldn’t work. You stated in the video that your way was the only way. That dogs think “No” is vague. I also do not teach the “stay” command.If I tell you sit or down, Really. What are your other options. (Sorry for the side track) Anyway. On an average daily walk with your dog and they want to pick up a stick or smell a blade of grass with them olfactor recepters. .

  7. ItsRUFF
    | Reply

    No means no. I do not want my dog to sit or down, I want to continue walking. No. Meaning stop that.

  8. fredhassen
    | Reply

    I will have to listen again. My apologies if I said it’s the ‘Only’ way as you state. There are lots of ways, but I gave my reasons and stick to them. Sounds like your way is working as well and you have your reasons, so it’s great for both of us.

  9. ilovemydogs247
    | Reply

    Thanks Fred, this is a very good point!

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