Dog Training tip – combine training and playing (Shot with HD Hero Gopro)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description In this dog training video, I am just teaching my young Labrador Retriever to dock dive but I am using my swimming pool. I am also combining some disciplined behavior also like him going away from me, sitting out of motion, and staying in one place. I am also practicing that he does not drop the toy to shake off the water until after he gives it to me. That discipline comes in handy when he does hunt tests, and I like to keep him in the habit no matter what the toy or retrieve is.

What do you think?

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  1. TheBluefirewolf says:

    OMG he shakes on command??! waow, how???

  2. TrashGamingTV says:

    Wow that´s awesome!

  3. doghaven1 says:


  4. Tutovillage says:

    Beauty 🙂

  5. ryansmsmn says:

    Fred, you should put the chest mount on the dog and get a dock diving from the dogs point of view

  6. fredhassen says:

    @ryansmsmn Yeah, I will try it!

  7. ryansmsmn says:

    @fredhassen just bought my hero today, pretty slick set up

  8. fredhassen says:

    @ryansmsmn Make sure you get the LED screen also.

  9. ryansmsmn says:

    @fredhassen does that double as an extra battery

  10. fredhassen says:

    @ryansmsmn No, it just makes it so you can see what you are shooting without having to replay it. Imagine your video camera without an LED screen so you would have to play back so you can see if everything is in range.

  11. ryansmsmn says:

    @fredhassen sounds good i will have to pick that up

  12. fredhassen says:

    @ryansmsmn Search for this video on youtube ‘GoPro LCD BacPac Monitor Viewfinder NEW!’

  13. Wow! What gorgeous dogs… and they are so well behaved! You can tell they are having a good time. Thanks for sharing!

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