Dog Training – The Secret To Loose Leash Walking

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Leash walking is one og the commands that dog owners have difficulty with. In this video I share a simple secret to leash walking. Please leave a comment and you can get a free ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior.” Go to

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25 Responses

  1. jtotten1313
    | Reply

    My dog is 5 years old (today)…. can I re-train him to walk on the leash at this age? he also poops in the street and not on the grass!! I never met a dog that pooped I tried yanking him to the grass when he starts to go but then he stops pooping so I stopped that. Any good ideas?

  2. TheSaxophoneplayer12
    | Reply

    Never trust a dog without a leash

  3. 956razorramon
    | Reply

    yo everybody if youll have a chance can youll please check out my video and tell me what you think just search” smartest pitbull pup” or “956razorramon” on youtube.. my pitbull dro is only 14 weeks old..thanks

    please check it out and leave a comment

    | Reply

    @vBulletinzz if you start to run away from him he should naturally follow, but you could practice it at home first, thats how i get my dog to follow me away from distractins, it might look a bit silly but its worth it

  5. sarah25685
    | Reply

    Good video. It helped me

  6. weblerchad
    | Reply

    great video.

    Love the pug with the vacuum lol

  7. jaimiegoofball
    | Reply

    i do that with my cat!! he loves it = my dig HATES the vacuum!

  8. jaimiegoofball
    | Reply


  9. babybuttjingles
    | Reply

    bet u can’t skate with all them dogs like babybuttjingles

  10. stuffbox50
    | Reply

    my dog is scared of the vaccuum and the crane in the shop lol

  11. 13RevengeIsSweet
    | Reply


  12. dodgerbuddy7
    | Reply

    A vacuum? THAT’S A HOOT, Eric!!

    It would be super if someone out there would create a video on loose leash training and record it with a puppy so we can actually watch it. In other words, record a short segment then record some more 1 week later and then again 1 week later to show the progression all on one video.

    I can feel your calm and gentle demeanor and would bet your pets sense it too. Which makes for a great dog owner/trainer.

  13. stratocaster539
    | Reply

    I vacuumed my cat once because it was full of wood shavings then every time I used the vacuum after that the cat would sit on the brush end until I vacuumed her again.

  14. casherds
    | Reply


  15. SuperMCGAUGHY
    | Reply

    great tips thx

  16. cashmoeds
    | Reply

    Great video, to train your dog in 7 days go here tinyurl dot com /co7nljm

    | Reply

    @stratocaster539 so cute

  18. krezubavila
    | Reply

    wanna train your dog the right way? take a look at this:
    tinyurl com/7j5lw48

  19. 118skyman
    | Reply


  20. spud5706
    | Reply


  21. theDudeAbides1100
    | Reply

    i keep my puppy on a loose leash and she still tries to bite it and tug at it. does she just need more practice? is there any other tips u guys could give me?

  22. hobo0606
    | Reply

    @theDudeAbides1100 its just puppy reflex’s but if u work with her more she’ll finally get it my beagle has doing great because i work with him a lot.

  23. notice52341
    | Reply

    Great video for a way to train your dog in 7 days click here alturldotcom/w4dsb

  24. littlegft94
    | Reply

    @theDudeAbides1100 spray the leash with some stuff that they don’t like the smell of, sour apple spray works well I think or you can go to the vet and ask them they’ll reccommend something. I got some stuff from a friend. Worked well with my 10 week old lab x kelpie today.

  25. theDudeAbides1100
    | Reply

    @littlegft94 thnx im going to try that. i got her to stop biting it while walking, but when I run with her she allways runs with the leash in her mouth. its cute, but she’s gotta stop lol

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