Dog Training – The Heel Command

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

To stop your dog from pulling, you must teach your dog how to walk politley at your side. Learn how in this quick dog training video. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. semco72057
    | Reply

    How old should a dog be before you start training them? I have a puppy which is 5 months old, although he is very large right now. I have been working with him to get him to sit. He knows how to shake, but wants to bite playfully on the hand when you shake.

  2. jasonman1515
    | Reply

    my dog does that. you should start training your dog right now. dog doesn’t like when you are trying to hold his paw. I train my dog not to bite and it is not hard at all.

  3. ArmorKingRulez
    | Reply

    I think the First command to start with a dog
    Is Sit,followed by Stay,Come When Called,and Heel.
    Not to much on Shake though.

  4. semco72057
    | Reply

    My dog has learned to shake hands easily, although he thinks that he should softly bite your hand when you shake him front paw. He is only 5 months old now and I was working with sit which didn’t he didn’t get. I am still working on that, but he wants to play all the time.

  5. rack325i
    | Reply

    My trainer told me if you teach your dog to shake hands, you shouldn’t allow him to do it with the alpha of the pack because it makes the dog think that it is dominant over the alpha. My doberman will do it with my girlfriend, but not with me and it is a good thing

  6. semco72057
    | Reply

    Thanks for telling me that. I will work on the other techniques you mentioned earlier. I have a new leach to lead him around and work on training him to heel and sit. Thanks for the tip.

  7. rack325i
    | Reply

    No problem, I am by no means a trainer but my Dobie does listen to me when she wont listen to anyone else. Good luck!

  8. semco72057
    | Reply

    Thanks. I will need it with this puppy.

  9. ScarletMai
    | Reply

    nice!! 🙂 thanks for the video!

  10. PaCkMaN74262
    | Reply

    this is pretty nice my dog will stop pulling on his leash any when i try this

  11. Rylonde
    | Reply


  12. sxcelite12
    | Reply

    what is a good for the dog that you can use as food lure?

  13. giantsfan245
    | Reply

    remember these videos on youtube are not meant to be indepth, step by step training videos per se. If he put those up for free, he’d be out of business(kinda like napster). His vids are more principal based vids and from what I’ve seen and heard, his methods are very effective.

  14. eletendre1
    | Reply

    @giantsfan245 THANKS giantsfan245!!!

  15. TheTurnersJourney
    | Reply

    @eletendre1 Best reponse ever. Im so tired of watching training videos and seeing someone say you shouldnt treat your dog when she does something right… and your relation to us working and getting paid is awesome. People saying to not treat to train in rediculous!

  16. manof34holds
    | Reply

    @TheTurnersJourney Yeah eletendre1 had a great response. Very friendly about it! Gotta love that! Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand that there are different ways to get things done. Wonder what Capstone does when there’s bumperto bumper traffic just 3 exits away from his home? He probably sits there for an hour instead of exiting asap and finding another path. 🙂

  17. vaughan4082
    | Reply

    ahh thats clever will that work for off leash too?

  18. Mman731
    | Reply

    How do you use a food lure if you have a very small (short dog) ? I have to bend over all the time or walk bent over

  19. Mman731
    | Reply

    How do you use a food lure on a very small or short dog. I need to walk bent over or else the dog cant smell the food

  20. lolalitalu
    | Reply

    @CapstoneRetrievers1 I completely agree with u! If dogs learn by using treats, then they won’t understand that YOU are the boss and they will begin to believe that they are doing the commands to get a treat. If you’re out on the street and the dog’s going crazy, then you won’t be able to stop him if you use treat training.

  21. gdgfsh
    | Reply

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  22. ClarkNotKent
    | Reply

    Im going to try this on my dog. Shes a 4 year old german shepherd that was never really trained and so far i have gotten her to sit and lay down. This will be great because she is a strong dog but the treats work well on the other tricks

  23. yetta23s
    | Reply

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    | Reply

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  25. StLCardsGuy
    | Reply

    There is no better trained dog than a service dog.

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