Dog Training – Stop Your Dog From Pulling

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Loose leash walking. Stop your dog from pulling. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. BosnishLadyLaraCroft
    | Reply

    thank you very much i have german shepherd and i am going to try it
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. smokingman51
    | Reply

    this works

  3. amoramorena
    | Reply

    OMG I wish I had the guts to do that… Mine has run off a couple of time, and although I know the theory, I’m always too scrared… So I run like mad after the dog! 🙁

  4. DDGGJJoeri222
    | Reply

    @amoramorena if you are scared from your own dog… the dog will notice that and make adventage of it -_- u gotta show whos in charge….. if you respect your dog and give him love and mostly the attention he needs he will respect you back + never kick or use angry body language to your dog because then you will feed him with fear wich involve to agression….(the thing is , people who are scared from there own dogs dont notice they are just making one!)

  5. QuintonMais9
    | Reply

    How do i get my 110 lb st bernard to stop biting the leash..He will pull me down the street.thanks

  6. mlkhj1
    | Reply

    Very informative.

  7. armygirl2016
    | Reply

    i hope this works cause have a min pin and shes always ahead of me

  8. naneekboy
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh! This worked for my 7mo old GSD puppy. We are only on day two of trying this and she is totally getting it! So much so that when she feelings me drop the slack in the leash before I turn around, she is thinking and stops pulling and looks at me! Thank you for this awesome training technique

  9. IsayRooof
    | Reply

    theres nothing wrong to be scared of ur dog
    im sometimes scared of my stupid husky when he growls and bites
    some dogs are impossible to live with.

  10. mickyb82
    | Reply

    I found, this too late, i had been doing the pulling and tugging method. Although when started this he kinda had the jist of what was happening. then he would start to pull away. After awhile i even started to run, its such a good feeling having your dog running beside you looking up at you ( can only imagine what he’s thinking) Thanx very much for this i feel we still have a long way togo. But we are heading in the right direction now……

  11. DawgcityClev
    | Reply

    will this technique work for all breeds? Especially the larger stronger breeds like Mastiffs, Rotties, or Pitbulls?

  12. sorakairi1993
    | Reply

    I gotta try this

  13. horserider1958
    | Reply

    Does it work with an Akita

  14. daveh013
    | Reply

    My dog is very distractable on walks, always rushing to the next spot to sniff.

    It does take some doing, but this right here does work. Every time Phil heads off his own way, I do a quick Uturn a couple times till all eyes are back on me and then we can proceed.

  15. daveh013
    | Reply

    I agree, but my trainer showed me this exact same thing and it does work.
    It takes some doing but it will get the dogs attention and keep it at your side.

    And trust me, my dog is a excitable walker, not only will he rip your arm out, I’ve seen this 35lb puppy drag 270lb men.

    Before I head out with Phil, we do a few laps up and down the driveway using this methods. There’s still a way to go, but walks have been alot easier since.

  16. daveh013
    | Reply

    my dog is a runner, and when he gets off the leash I stand still and call loudly. Once he see’s I’m not with him, he get’s nervious and stops right away.
    If I ran with him, he’d think it a game.
    Ironicly using this method my dog has better off leash then on. It seems the leash is becoming counteractive to training him. On the other I live in a very populated heavy traffic area so I’d rather live with that detriment as apose to the potential of seeing him hit by a car.

  17. daveh013
    | Reply

    If your dog is agressive towards you, you should seek a trainer.
    I’m not trying to call you out, even if he’s agressive to other things when you’re around, get that under control.

    At least where I live, a couple threat reports to the police will have a dog taken and put down 🙁

  18. daveh013
    | Reply

    Yes, even if your dog has a independent personality (like mine) you always have to show that you are dominant.
    For me and Phil, time outs are what worked, but every pup is different. Spike was a loud hand clap and shout.
    Whatever it is, let them know, you have the power or they will walk all over you. De dominant, not domineering

    Call a trainer if you need help, and when looking for a dog, avoid the puppy cute and be sure the full grown breed is something you can handle.

  19. cokiloc
    | Reply

    very important point….don’t let the neg reinforcement be associated with the walker….good

  20. jbentley8383
    | Reply

    “Now My dog is going 1 way, I’m going the other way. The dog is going to hit the end of the leash with the correction but now he’s 6 feet away from me, by the time he turns around all he sees is me walking away”

    I’m sorry..that part in the video is just funny to me for some reason!! Dog would be like..”wha the fork? where he going?”

  21. jbentley8383
    | Reply

    I also wanted to say i have been doing the “Dog pulls, You stop till there’s slack” method for 2 weeks…My dog is getting alittle bit better at paying attention to me but she still runs ahead & pulls when i take 1 single step forward LITERALLY!

    I’ll try your method for a week & see if there’s any difference at all.

  22. jbentley8383
    | Reply

    Ok..I’m back from walking my dog according to this video…

    My GOODNESS MAN!!! This really works man!!! I walked with my dog today & did everything in the video..10 minutes of walking made a REAL DIFFERENCE! My dog is about 1/2 way to not pulling now, a few more days or even a week I should have no pulling at all!


  23. phreum
    | Reply

    My pit previous owner had him pulling cars for exercise. Now my dog who is wonderful inside the house and with people is a pain on the leash. Others dogs outside make this even worse. I will try to technique but im afraid if i turn around i will be on my ass!

  24. amanmarc
    | Reply

    me 2 i would love 2 see him doo that with my sweet pitbull

  25. ivanasimic1
    | Reply

    thanks for posting!

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