Dog Training – Sit, Down, and Stand Dog Training Commands

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Watch this dog training video clip to teach your dog how to sit, down, and stand on command. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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18 Responses

  1. drummerboi8
    | Reply


  2. mirezwer
    | Reply

    great video 🙂

  3. eletendre1
    | Reply

    Thank you!

  4. tnarules24
    | Reply


  5. CheaneRmaN
    | Reply

    wow that makes more sense then to try to make ur dog sit by pushing his butt down, nice stuff, i like ur vids!

  6. tinyfury69
    | Reply

    I used this technique with my boarder collies and it worked wonderfully but my beagle just doesnt seem to want to lie down. do you have any advice? when i put the treat toward the ground she just backs up and puts her head down.

  7. triggermiki
    | Reply

    my dog always do what i told him to do with me having a treat.
    but without one, she never listens.
    what should i do?

  8. AnimalLover2456
    | Reply

    i nkeed some advise i have a golden cross black and he (diesel) wont listen to me and we try to teach him heel with treats with out treats and keeps on doing what should i do?

  9. coltz50
    | Reply

    i just tryied this on my 7 weeks dobie it works with “sit” when i try to make him lay down he just stands up bows his head for the food…probably because he is so small he can reach it whitout layin’ down…but it worked great with “sit” s econd try worked…is the first comand i tryied teachin’ him..and now walks around the room stopin’ from time to time in “sit” position waiting for his food

  10. coltz50
    | Reply

    btw i have a problem with my young dobie, sometimes when i tell him not to chew on something he bites me, and he won’t stop unless i speak really loud or slap him with a paper …after that , he is upset and goes to sleep, what can i do to get him not to bite me whitout slap him and get him mad at me…i have the feeling he really doesn’t like me, and he is a dobie, i might have problems when he grows up ’cause then his bites are gonna hurt me

  11. Gnesix
    | Reply

    I have a 3month old dobie and i’m having the exact same problems as you. I usually lock him up in his cage whenever he chew on something else and ban him from playing his favourite toy. After awhile i let him off his cage and he’s acting better. Whenever he starts chewing again and i’ll do the same thing.

  12. javixm
    | Reply

    Jim rocks!!!

  13. Lumileek
    | Reply

    Actually cage should not be the punishment, it should be a nice place. If clear “NO” doesn`t work, try dropping a punch of keys on the floor, so he would startle, or spray him with water (ketchup bottle works nice, but don`t show it`s you who`s spraying him, it should come unexpected ), to stop the undesired behaviour. Distracting him with some other toy works well, if you want to get the thing back what`s on his mouth quickly.

  14. alice0cullen0
    | Reply

    he thinks hes the boss. try getting a kong chew toy or something like that which you can put treats into to incourage him to chew that instead. when he chews the toy, praise him and occasionally give him a treat, when he chews something hes not supposed to say “no” in a firm voice. if he wont stop try gently pushing him out of the way and blocking him from the object, then distract him with his toy.

  15. rachelsdogtraining
    | Reply

    i agree with the fact that using pressure doesn’t work, because you get counter pressure, but I had to use pressure with my dog to lay down!

  16. Matyme
    | Reply

    Don’t you think that saying no first then distracting him with a toy would be better when he starts to chew or misbehave is better then locking him up? It has worked great with my 11 week golden retriver that I got about 5 days ago. I would say no first until he looks at me then wave a toy and shake it to make it more interesting then the couch he was trying to chew on. Today when I woke up he sat next to me and started to chew on the couch again. I just said no, he stoped and went for his toy.

  17. Matyme
    | Reply

    Thats really sad that you have to spray him with water in his face that doesn’t seem really nice. What if you where talking to your boss one day and he doesn’t agree with you so he pulls out a bottle out of no where and sprays you in the face. I’m sure you wouldn’t trust him after that but but imagin it happends every day!

  18. 296851
    | Reply

    i like this video very much

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