Dog Training Roundup: Links and Resources

cover2_blank.jpgDogs, much like children, thrive in an environment that is ordered and structured. This means that your pooch needs a firm hand and clear guidelines so that he understands who the pack leader is. When you send your pet mixed signals and do not set clear boundaries, he becomes confused and chaos (bad behavior) results.

If your dog is headstrong and likes to have his own way, you will need to correct this behavior. This type of behavior may result if your dog does not clearly recognize you as the leader. One of the best training methods to correct this type of behavior is the NILIF method. NILIF stands for “Nothing in Life is Free”. The system rewards your pooch for appropriate behavior and responses. You may use dog treats or other items to help you with this system.

Sometimes, it is not that you have not properly trained your dog, but you may have adopted him from a shelter or another owner. Though you may love your new pooch, when you adopt an animal unfortunately you must deal with existing behavioral issues that may not have been properly addressed by the previous owner(s). There are literally hundreds of approaches you can take to address these issues, but we suggest that you begin with these 5 fundamental dog training tips.

Training can be a trying and stressful experience for both you and your dog. Though it may seem a bit mean, using a crate to train your dog may be just the thing to help you and your new pet adjust. Crate training helps your pet feel secure. You may have noticed how your new puppy or dog crawls beneath furniture or curls up in the corner. This is normal dog behavior and a crate helps to simulate a cozy, secure environment.

If you live near the ocean, lake, river, or have a pool, you may want to train your dog how to behave appropriately around water. This may be fairly simple or agonizing depending on how your pet feels about water. However, if you are patient and work with your dog, you will have no problems. You should never force or throw your dog into the water when water training him.

There are so many things that you will teach your dog as time goes on. The most important thing to remember, though, is to show patience and love and to be consistent in your training. Good luck!

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