Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Stay

Training a dog to stay entails teaching a dog to sit still through distance, duration and distractions, and remember to use positive reinforcement and short …

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46 Responses

  1. Mari Kurokawa
    | Reply

    my dog is called max

  2. Mari Kurokawa
    | Reply

    my release word is gonna be trolllllllllll

  3. aparadektos noumeroena
    | Reply

    θα το παχυνεις το σκυλι

  4. Frank Tank
    | Reply


  5. Andy Wolf
    | Reply

    I taught my German Shepherd the hand signals we learned in the Infantry to
    accompany her commands. The ones here are “Hold” and “Move Out”.

  6. nirmal vishal
    | Reply

    my release word is going to be boooooboooooos

  7. AstoriaSk8tz
    | Reply

    what kind of dog is that??

  8. TotallyCandy
    | Reply

    becuhs it cant stay there for ever -0-

  9. yourdisneyguide
    | Reply


  10. Jan Cabali
    | Reply

    lol just kiddin.. You know my dog is like that, he keeps on running and
    running once he get out of his cage

  11. jj12j
    | Reply

    clickers are for the weak

  12. Snowqueen T
    | Reply

    i like that! seams easy

  13. helloimfishypaul
    | Reply

    my release word is going to be pickle

  14. cuban121783
    | Reply

    @beatface360 You and your stupid comment, get a life!!!!!!

  15. Amytamywamee
    | Reply

    my dog never listens to me he only listen when i say EATING TIME poor fat
    jake -.-

  16. macdadysymon
    | Reply

    i just point a finger at my jack russel nd he sits…but when we play fetch
    he neva bringz back the ball…

  17. horselinda123456789
    | Reply

    @josski32 I KNOW RIGHT?!!! I would be swimming in dogs right now if my mom
    didn’t have them so much.

  18. Alex Glez
    | Reply

    @helloimfishypaul you dont know i may be your neighbor , and now I know it

  19. Jimmy Feeney
    | Reply

    Your voice is so annoying

  20. xXFumbles16Xx
    | Reply

    why does she always wear the same thing in her videos?

  21. Samuel Stowers
    | Reply

    this doesnt work

  22. omar2garcia
    | Reply


  23. Trent S
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is that???!!!

  24. ManosTheDJ
    | Reply


  25. nani1711
    | Reply

    It’s not right.,all these dogs are like teached before to stay,my dog will
    stand up if I would move

  26. MrLukathebeast
    | Reply

    when i am going to tell him to sit she is naturally sitting already

  27. horselinda123456789
    | Reply

    @josski32 just adopt one from a shelter! you wont only have what you want,
    you’ll be saving a life. but remember, some breeds are much more difficult
    to train. just have patience.

  28. KStanchev
    | Reply

    Mu dog has almost did the behavior

  29. ilikefire90
    | Reply

    i put fear in my dogs when im training them… they listen 4xs better

  30. ILoveStellaPuppyBaby
    | Reply

    why do you say “good job” all the time? lol

  31. Daniel Luthens
    | Reply

    Thanks now I can hide stuff and he’ll find them

  32. notreallyjordan
    | Reply

    Hello, the dog is already trained. Another moronic Expert Village “expert”
    giving bad advice. She gives no idea of how she got the dog to stay in the
    first place. Yet another Austin trainer to avoid. Watch a lot of videos of
    training, don’t ever expect Expert Village to be useful in anything, and
    choose a video that doesn’t look so ridiculous and oversimplified because
    they start with a trained dog.

  33. 58008518
    | Reply

    @locoboxspaceship pockets full of cat biscuits work well!?!! lol

  34. Uchihasasuk5
    | Reply

    what breed of dog is that? if anyone could tell me, that would be great. it
    looks like a rat terrier?

  35. Mokshat Sood
    | Reply

    @nani1711 its ‘taught’ not ‘teached’

  36. Albin Clern
    | Reply

    how old should the dog be when you do this?

  37. George Bush
    | Reply

    @KaptainKhaos99 i was thinking the exact same thing

  38. beatface360
    | Reply

    stupid video, zak george teaches a more relationship based learning
    experience for the dog, rather then a slave owned type dog. No dog should
    be ever told its “free”

  39. german2809
    | Reply

    and? have you already tried the flat palm, turning around, jumping…and
    freeeeeee? I will (when nobody sees me)

  40. MrLoco075
    | Reply


  41. snowmanx831
    | Reply


  42. Miguel Angel Rincon Moya
    | Reply

    i think that teach your dog with food is not the proper way

  43. Ahmed Zuza
    | Reply

    WORKS (Y)

  44. TheJeremyAngus
    | Reply

    my mums guide dog is named rayrar to!!!!

  45. horselinda123456789
    | Reply

    @josski32 lol hate yea, not have LOL I have a dog right now named Nessie,
    my mom has never trained her so I’m having to do it

  46. horselinda123456789
    | Reply

    my dog has gone 2 years without any training besides Sit. and im the only
    one in my family going to get to work. my dog, Nessie, has already pretty
    much gotten Down, now. next im going to work on her jumping habits. (shes a
    goldenxblack lab). she has clawed me before. so once i finish up her
    training, ill finish up with getting some of her unfinished shed off, and
    giving her a grapefruit juice bath.

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