Dog Training: How to Train Your Dog to Not Pull

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK Follow me on Twitter: My main channel: My second (video blog) channel: My secret channel: ??? follow me on twitter or “like” me on facebook to find that one:) How to train your dog to walk on a leash without pulling.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. GlitterGuh2016
    | Reply


  2. chillmaz8888
    | Reply

    Get this rubbish of you tube. The worst piece of dog training I have ever seen.

    You have no clue what you are doing. Putting your face in any dogs face shows you have no idea about K9’s. I’ll give you a dog with loads of drive and see if this pathetic technique works.

    Using the stay command, that went out in the 70’s. The last thing you told your dog to do was sit, so why say stay. Correction chains and prong collars in the hands of professionals are effective training tools.

  3. sidneyaarons
    | Reply

    I seriously recommend you go and actually learn something about dogs! This video is sad and ridiculous!

  4. helldvl
    | Reply

    dude are you like syrian or lebanese? 😀

  5. Amelia102938
    | Reply

    @auhmazing13579 Ha, I was about to say that lol

  6. tredub91
    | Reply

    “it takes alot of time.” it took you a whole 4 minutes!!!

  7. koricanprez
    | Reply

    Hoe to I teach a maltipom to brave on a leash? She’s so tiny and I have a bad back so I can’t get down on her level.

  8. koricanprez
    | Reply

    Gawd… Touch typos… HOW DO I teach a maltipom to behave..

  9. MissBophaLokei
    | Reply

    that’s great! but my dog pulls BACKWARDS he already wants to change direction or stop and sniff where he is. and he wants to sniff every where all-the-time. so i shouldn’t pull, i shouldn’t give him treats. i can’t change direction because he already wants to do so. i can’t stop and wait because he lays down and sleeps there. he’s like that no matter if he’s inside or outside. now what’s your parental, loving solution for it?

  10. sonypower159
    | Reply


  11. izzylovesglee4ev
    | Reply

    if he stays in that car park much longer hes gonna get hit.

  12. BlaiddDrwg2009
    | Reply

    @sidneyaarons And how do you propose we teach a dog not to pull on the leash?

    This technique works, and the guy in the videos is actually very good

  13. DeNiZ61
    | Reply

    LMAO you are doing EXACTLY what Cesar does, just explaining the same thing differently.You’ve obviously given corrections to the dog prior to the video, that’s why we don’t see any corrections physically because you’ve already associated them with that ah-ah (tsst) sound you make.
    Cesar always says “door open doesn’t mean go-always be the first out the door” so instead of that you come up with something as ridiculous as “stay in it’s zone”. Where do you think people do with half a meter leashes?

  14. centurinps3
    | Reply

    hey dude i have a dobaman and he is calm outside and he is also nuts wen he goes outside and he dose not kno how to react off the leach so can you help me thanks
    shaun chers zach

  15. katbug9608
    | Reply

    I went to dog training with my aunt but her dog still pulls and I liked what u said and i am going to try it,and hope it works.

  16. corruptgunslinger
    | Reply

    A Pit Bull. -___-

    That’s no fucking surprise. My 2yr old Pit is a fucking dickhole when I try to take him for walks. Fucker is always pulling.

    Teach me. TEACH ME SO I CAN TEACH HIM!!!!!

  17. LilxmissxMeaghan1995
    | Reply

    You look like Fry from futurama but a real live version :O

  18. BarbA31
    | Reply

    This was all good and great Zak, but try it on a dog or pup that isn’t in training and show us how you would start. I have a 3 month golden and she jumps up and bites me when on the leash, she attacks the leash (playfully) and when we start the walk she starts at a sprint.. I’ve tied the leash to the loop on the back of my jeans so she feels no tension from me.. when she starts to walk in front, correct which she most of the times ignores. or I start walking in the opposite direction.

  19. BarbA31
    | Reply

    @BarbA31 cont’d.. and she starts running circles around me.. (she’s part golden retriever and part mutt.)
    I haven’t continued our walks as parvo is going around and she doesn’t have all her shots yet.. Second vacs are Monday. Once she is fully vacs and my other puppy is too, then I’ll start her walks again.. A beginner vid would be perfect.. Thanks Zak..

  20. DJAnuraagGupta
    | Reply

    thanks a ton man!!! u saved my hand…….

  21. corruptgunslinger
    | Reply

    Man, this guy really loves dogs.


  22. EclipseandEclaire
    | Reply

    Do you have a beginner dog that has never been on a leash before? Possibly a high energy nutty to the brains Chocolate lab, or is it JUST me? I was wondering if you could possibly tell me how you would teach your dog to not drag you litterly to the groung the secong you go outside. That would be SUPER helpfull. thanks alot!

  23. tweetyrocks911
    | Reply

    ooooooooooooooooooh i get it hehehe

  24. nance898
    | Reply

    You’re great but my yorkie/poo goes crazy as soon as she sees the leash. I adopted her couple of years ago. She had a bad puppyhood,abused. Took 5 months to just get her to calm down enough for me to put a leash on her.Now, she loves being walked so much, gets so excited that she goes crazy as soon as she sees leash. Pulls,practically trips me, I had stomach surgey so it hurts me. If I walk her long enough,then on the way home she is a little worn out and wont pull quite as bad. help!

    | Reply

    uh, if I wanted to walk backwards or race to get ahead of my dog, this theory would come in handy. No corrections?! from who’s point of view? all the physical gestures (starring, hunched over or at the dog etc.) that the humans are doing are intrusive…and what s with all the chatter while walking this dog.

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