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47 Responses

  1. Riz Zambrano
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting this . I am going to try this method . I have a 1 1/2 male maltese that thinks he is walking me instead .

  2. tamgris
    | Reply

    My dog is like “OH, WHERE GOING ANOTHER WAY? COOL, I’LL LEAD THE WAY”.. then i change direction and it’s the same “OH YEAH I THOUGHT SO TO, GOING THIS WAY, YEP YEP”

  3. mary trott
    | Reply

    This still surprises me, how a lot of people don’t know about Xobodog Training (do a google search), although lots of people solve their dog behavior problems with this training program. Thanks to my friend who told me about Xobodog Training, I have turn my dog into the perfect canine pal.

  4. cute2yoong
    | Reply

    4:47 good xDD

  5. Yvette Esparza
    | Reply

    Very good advice

  6. Gusto Suarez
    | Reply

    This vid helped me plenty Thanks you so much.. I have a pitbull and ohh god my hand was in so much pain 2 days ago and now the dog walk nice and he dont pull the leash.

  7. Jamie Meng
    | Reply

    I know this is off the subject but your eyes are beautiful! 🙂

    | Reply

    Sorry, my trainer said I should NEVER again wrestle (play) on the floor with my dog (see comment below)

    | Reply

    Gosh, you’re such a breath of fresh air. My dog trainer told me last night I should wrestle on the floor with our Golden puppy because it puts us on the same level. I am to be the master. Also, I don’t yell at her enough. For “sit/stay” he pulled so fast & hard on her collar to demonstrate to others it nearly knocked her over. He said shed be much better afterwards. I can go on & on but you get the idea. Your methods are light years better and with mutual respect. I thank God I found you!.

  10. Yani Labiste
    | Reply

    @okatoka This hard-to-come-by tip usually leaves owners a little taken aback…

    Your posture, eye contact, and body language really matter to dogs!

    Because dogs get social anxiety too!

    So, things like facial expression and posture are just as important to dogs as they are to people.
    See this ==>

  11. SeoTools
    | Reply

    Good advice, thanks!

  12. Amanda Manning
    | Reply

    My dog does the same thing! The only thing that has helped my dog to stop pulling is putting a backpack on him and giving him a job to do.

  13. disssan
    | Reply

    Been on one walk using this technique now and it felt nice and comfortable! My young dog really behaved. I made sure she got some exercise before walking so she wouldn’t be using the walk as an outlet. And I kept it pretty short, walked for 15minutes or so and plan to walk frequently today instead of two long walks. Will check for more videos! She still has to learn stay, looking forward to teaching her that one with your help 🙂

  14. Aleister Crowley
    | Reply

    I guess you could just correct him when he does it.

  15. Gitiffan
    | Reply

    Lol, being a motion sensitive/sickness kind of person, I would end up dizzying myself on the change of direction game.

  16. katpak14
    | Reply

    my dog only wants to run!

  17. roseanna futch
    | Reply

    Do you know what I can do to train my dog not to scratch on the door

  18. hawaiikidd
    | Reply

    the point is to get close to the dog, instead of being dumb and being on the ground for hours at a time why not bring the dog up to a table or wide ledge closer to your face off the ground…. As weird as this is it does make communication easier.

  19. Chat3lain3
    | Reply

    You have a beautiful brain!!!

  20. thoostorm4
    | Reply


  21. Alucard45000
    | Reply

    Try doing the same thing when the type dog is a Chihuahua, crawling on your knees for a walk is not going to get comfortable after a while.
    And the whole same level thing.. wtf?
    This really seem like a joke video + the whole training dogs thing.. seem so fake

  22. Senior Vas
    | Reply

    I need help with my dog

  23. OhShnapItzAlii
    | Reply

    My pitbull pulls like CRAZY. He always wants to walk you not you walking him

  24. Mark E.
    | Reply

    Walk him more often with your mum or brother maybe while letting one of them hold the leash?

  25. Mark E.
    | Reply

    I’d imagine it “might” be your energy. “Change of direction meditation” and you being calmer and super patient may make the difference. Maybe going to a dog park first, or finding a way to exhaust the dog a bit before the walking training might help too if you have a high intensity pup.

  26. TygerTha Emcee
    | Reply

    Tsk that dog is clearly trained to walk lol try getting a dog that constantly pull

  27. Skolfy IV
    | Reply

    I walk my dog 90% of the time. But instead at times, my mum or my brother will walk the dog wrong and allow her to be dominant over them. I think it’s unfair how we’re being inconsistent with the dog and how their style of walking is teaching bad behavior, but they refuse to listen. Any tips for trying to get the dog to respond to them the same way she does to me?

  28. Oliiva Croft
    | Reply

    i think that is really good point there, on how how he can get the dog to obey him, and walk him on leach.

  29. TheKhaledalfailakawi
    | Reply

    Can any one help me find out my dogs breed hes a mix but I dont what breeds?? Please help

  30. ArmisVideo
    | Reply

    Instinctually dogs know their job it to protect you, if are waking together the protector knows to walk in front (but within view), to do anything else takes training.

    Dogs always know who is boss, and they also know their job, they simply do what they believe is right until you choose to train them to do otherwise.

  31. hali lily
    | Reply

    my dog always pulls me to go peeing on some plants on our can I correct him?

  32. Georgina Derpina
    | Reply

    Yes, it’s because the owner leads the walk. The dog being ahead means that the dog think’s he/she’s the ‘boss’ and the one leading the walk.

  33. Georgina Derpina
    | Reply

    Haha, sorry I found this funny. I’ve never heard of a dog being TOO obedient. haha

  34. rahmatiTV
    | Reply

    Ok, Now teach me how to get my boxer to pull! since he was young I taught him not to pull now I can’t get him to pull when I have my rollerblades on and his harness. Thanks

  35. Candice Brister
    | Reply

    When walking on a loose leash is it mandatory that the dog stay next or behind you? If so why? Thanks

  36. den smith
    | Reply

    Sorry for spelling but he will sit and get ready to sprint out the door.

  37. den smith
    | Reply

    Well what if u have a collar on and my dog will sut but just get ready to bilt out that door. Do i just hold it firm and go up to him and say no?

  38. kagnomi
    | Reply

    My dog is different. I’m using this method and whenever I say “good girl”, she ends up speeding up! So for me, being silent on a walk helps her keep calm and stay with my pace

  39. jessicaclark1010
    | Reply

    I have two Great Danes that I walk together. One pulls and one doesn’t. I am only 125 lbs.. both dogs total at a weight of 240! I am definitely going to apply these methods during our training and walks. Great video!

  40. Wendyieann
    | Reply

    I really loved your video and how you train! Gonna be watching for more now!

  41. lfc gore
    | Reply

    I really don’t want to type that in dude .

  42. Carissa
    | Reply

    what if your dog doesn’t want to walk? he’s an aussie and he knows how to fetch but doesn’t really want to walk on leash

  43. ameen hamoud
    | Reply

    wtf my dog is husky she always like crazy I cant train it !!!

  44. NCISobsessedfan
    | Reply

    i have a 9 year old cocker spaniel and hes really quiet and well behaved at home, but when he sees the leash he gets excited and starts to bark and beg you to take him out, and once you are in the street he starts pulling and barking and crying and when you go in the woods or in the fields he stops barking but he puts his nose on the ground and he never lifts his head and he pulls the leash for the entire walk! he is very quiet and intelligent but he goes crazy when he sees the leash!

  45. U'ilani Campbell
    | Reply

    Great Stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  46. richashcrys
    | Reply

    Heeey! he spoke at my school once

  47. Estella Wu
    | Reply

    she is way much calmer than my dog, if i play change direction game with my dog, ill be dizzy after 30 secs….

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