Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Come When Called

Training a dog to come when called uses rewards like dog food or treats, is a great way to play games with the dog, and should be trained without emotion, su…

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40 Responses

  1. C01V1P4Q
    | Reply

    I want to cum when called too.

  2. nancy w.cooks
    | Reply

    Hi! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you thought about this dog training program called Xobodog Training? I’ve heard several great things about it.

  3. kenny cube
    | Reply

    will it work with a 10 year old dog (which is not so much lazy as any other 10 year old dog

  4. teresa2chavez
    | Reply

    love. it

  5. Shewanm
    | Reply

    You may also watch video on this site >>

  6. Ashley Wottke
    | Reply

    IT took 10 mins for him to learn

  7. Ashley Wottke
    | Reply

    Thanks so much it helped

  8. SecondIdentityGamers
    | Reply

    use something else… A bone or a dog snack which it can’t eat in 2 seconds…

  9. SecondIdentityGamers
    | Reply

    If you just knew anything about dogs, you would know that all dogs love to work for their owners. They get motivated, have fun and strength their relationship with the owner of the dog. So there is nothing bad about this. You should update your knowledge about dogs before releasing a lot of BS. Sorry to say 🙂

  10. SecondIdentityGamers
    | Reply

    your are eather doing it wrong or you don’t put much effort and time in it. It’s not something you just do in a few hours 🙂

  11. aubrey santos
    | Reply

    @Bob I purchased Secrets to Dog Training after I acquired a second puppy that was seven weeks old. My first puppy, a male then 14 months old, was a little bit aggressive with her…

    …Now my puppies eat, sunbake and play together very happily. I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their animals
    Go here ==>

  12. katzenberg77
    | Reply

    WOOOHOOO!! hahahaha

  13. MrAtilla6666
    | Reply

    what am i doing with my life

  14. wertakoer
    | Reply

    You can see many obedience&agility training videos on my channel!
    If you are interested – feel free to leave a comment and subscribe!

  15. Face
    | Reply

    my dog nows everything exept dis :/

  16. j blunt
    | Reply

    None of these videos work my dog keeps ignoring me!

  17. Alexa Partida
    | Reply


  18. Michelle Tello
    | Reply

    I have buyed a ebook about dog training from dogtrainingtutorials(dot)com, and i have to say it`s worth the price , in one mounth i get my first results

  19. marshalljimduncan
    | Reply

    This video is useless, just like every other EV video, idiots.

  20. Keng Vue
    | Reply

    Great tips.

  21. MintyKay4576
    | Reply

    Heehee I forgot my dog already knows how to come. Oops!

  22. Ravist Man
    | Reply

    Daniels a mora

  23. Daniel Tosh
    | Reply

    the thing i hate most is when a adult thinks its funny to piss a dog off and make it mad and growl i’ve seen dogs turn mean in the long run from owners treating them that way if ur always nice to your dog it always love u and learn to be nice always if u always mean to then u teaching it to be mean

  24. Daniel Tosh
    | Reply

    i dont treat animals like slaves i dont make them sit for food. there people too they deserve to be treated like us. when we want food we go to mcdonalds but when dogs are hungry they have to work for it and thats fucked up

  25. EvilGenius0091
    | Reply

    I did the sound Homer Simpson uses when stumped, ‘DOH!’ At the time seemed like a good idea… Yea didn’t think that one thru. Lets just say The Simpsons cartoon has now become an ‘interactive’ 30 minutes

  26. HiperPhonix
    | Reply

    I told my dog to stay and sit then i pull the lesh and then when she was next to me gave her a treet then aded wistaling

  27. Fiona Sharman
    | Reply

    this is how I have trained my dog as soon as I got him!

  28. pandalady1andonly
    | Reply

    How old do you start

  29. bonnick montilla
    | Reply


  30. Adham Elshourbagy
    | Reply

    The Most pretty Woohoo I ever heard …

  31. C Bryan
    | Reply

    great training tip! Woohoo!

  32. KillanicGamer
    | Reply

    my dog isn’t interested into dog chew toys …

  33. prddygrl2012
    | Reply

    I got rid of my dog

  34. angel de orta
    | Reply

    How about teaching your dog to stay…. Looks like he has a problem jumping around…. Just saying…..

  35. PhilipKageergodt
    | Reply

    I only work 32 hours a week, is that to many hours to get a dog?

  36. dellboy2772
    | Reply

    its not easy you must be willing to put a lot of time into them and money if your struggling with money dont get one if you dont have time dont get one if you work ridiculous hours dont get one you see my point here they are living breathing animals and must be treated as such im not trying to be an ass or persuade you not to get one its just very hard but its worth all that blood sweat tears at the end its just a nightmare trying to get there lol

  37. shalini0332
    | Reply


  38. PhilipKageergodt
    | Reply

    Cant wait to grow up and get a dog

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  40. Marcel Brown
    | Reply

    @Freddix Who else wants their dog to be well behaved around people and other dogs? AND have them obey all of your house rules…
    … even when you’re not around!
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