Dog Training – How to train dogs for Real Protection. Must See! (

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Attack Dog Training – Personal Protection Training instruction by K9-1. If you ever wondered how to train an attack dog we now have instructional videos for the serious dog trainer. This video features, Nikko, a Belgian Malinois raised as a pet then transformed into a high caliber personal protection dog at two years of age. Be advised that personal protection training should only be done under the guidance of a professional and be used for defensive purposes only! Learn more about “foundation style” dog training and how it is slowly becoming the new standard for dog trainers who wish to use the most advanced techniques at

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. romeodelta1178
    | Reply

    that dog is full of win

  2. TekSwift
    | Reply

    “you can pee here anytime you want” hahahaha

  3. CONKER17
    | Reply

    @juztanobody just turn them off?

  4. misscarolynjane
    | Reply

    this could be used by the wrong people

  5. bumbleberry77
    | Reply

    Who let the dog out in the first place?

  6. milltiaryman001
    | Reply

    0:59 that was cool

  7. PriincessHiibaa
    | Reply

    could i train my shiba inu to do that?

  8. yabodmon
    | Reply

    u can pee her anytime u want lmao..thats some serious training.

  9. Ytubeisonline
    | Reply


  10. 0Fanz
    | Reply

    you can pee here anytime you want ROFL XD

  11. D3ssida
    | Reply

    1:57 left eye omg it winked at meee 😀 i wanna teach my dog to wink

  12. dancodered23
    | Reply

    how to take down a dog:
    1. press R3 or RS before they rip your neck
    2. or quickly pull out your glock and pull the trigger and put a bullet to the dogs brain

  13. jessicarabbit814
    | Reply

    That dog is AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!!!!

    | Reply

    why not just knee the dog on the ribs?

  15. GomezVendable
    | Reply

    @Matthew0161 god damn it no one is going to be able to top that comment

  16. Super509er
    | Reply

    do you train them to not like pork for self safety

  17. TheKarriem
    | Reply

    whats that on its teeth

  18. paintballallday90
    | Reply

    LMAO 0:57 Get fucked lmao

  19. 3RK9Obedience
    | Reply


  20. Jefrma
    | Reply

    does that dog have a damn metallic tooth or smth?? or did I see wrong at 2:09 ?

  21. OooHesGood
    | Reply

    k9leashes dot C0/\/\ … great for aggressive or big dogs, for everyones saftey!!

  22. GetMeThere1
    | Reply


  23. GaryTheSexOffender
    | Reply

    @Jefrma iz hiz grillz

  24. xxiiROCK
    | Reply

    @MYDICKISWOW – They are trained to only attack the arm in which the weapon is in.

  25. N2thedrink
    | Reply

    aww, he looks so cute and cuddley.

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