Dog Training: How Do You Get Your Dog To Understand You?

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK Follow me on Twitter: My main channel: My second (video blog) channel: My secret channel: ??? follow me on twitter or “like” me on facebook to find that one:)

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. zakgeorge21
    | Reply

    @mysecretscankill That’s correct. SiINCERE freaking out is wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 956razorramon
    | Reply

    i love your videos dude..your videos inspired me to get a pup and train him.. so if you can ?can you please check out my video of my 14 week old pitbull dro and leave a comment ….thanks razor

  3. MoT359
    | Reply

    i think you should make a video solely about what you think of cesar milan and why you don’t like his philosophy so much. its not enough to just bash him in a comment response.

  4. nataliawasilewska97
    | Reply

    @SaffyShine People, how canl you don’t like it ?? Okey maybe he talks to much but heyy, at least the dogs are on it ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. JennaMarbles
    | Reply

    I connect with my dogs by being with them 24/7 because I work from home, we get to have so much fun together all day. And I really liked when you said “if you can take your dog with you, take your dog with you.” it always plays in my head when I’m about to go somewhere. oh and I also need them to be in my videos because that’s how I make a living haha. my videos wouldn’t be as fun without them.

  6. JoshuaXiong100
    | Reply

    The way how I connect to my dog. I don’t praise. I don’t think it work. It has like no effect. I only give food.
    I know my dog well. My dog knows me well too. When I take out leash. She sees it. She know what time it is already. Time to walk. She love walking.

  7. fingers7dials
    | Reply


  8. Nuutti2010
    | Reply

    Hi Zak! I have been pondering on this question on how to connect with your dog. I have a gundog labrador retriever who is 9 weeks old and during the first week with him this question was on my mind quite often. I believe that what you said about just hanging out and doing fun things with them makes all the difference. And I think your point about the importance of being sincere when you praise the dog is so true. Now we have a great relationship based on positive reinforcement. Thank you!

  9. Tricksy214
    | Reply


  10. Jagervision
    | Reply

    For me nothing beats actively spending time with your dog when it comes to connecting with eachother. Not just walking around for hours each doing their own thing or lounging in the same room (these are too very nice) but actively interacting. Learning and teaching to and about eachother. Observing and challenging eachother. THIS, in my opinion, is where the key lies. Some partnerships might be more natural but every partnership benefits from this and some will never emerge without it.

  11. tico0621
    | Reply

    i think it really comes down to realizing how much they are capable of doing, as well as how much they completely return to you what you put into being a fair and loving leader and even more.

  12. geedunk13
    | Reply

    Love these videos Zak

  13. MandarinSoul
    | Reply

    You and your dogs are amazing!

  14. HappyHag
    | Reply

    Me, I think connecting with your dog is about forming routines together. You know what to expect of each other in given situations. I expect my dog not to bother me while i eat. He knows that when I’ve finished he can assault me with the jingly bell ball and have fun.

  15. netgenie4
    | Reply

    The genuine praise and when we are training they have my attention and I try to keep it fun for them. If the dog isn’t having fun learning the connection is broken. When I see that happen it is time to either rethink the process or go play ball instead of training.

  16. dreaand924
    | Reply

    My dog Steve and I just love each other . We keep it real. = )

  17. yourpetsrfamily
    | Reply

    Sincerity is paramount when communicating with your dog. While the debate rages over whether they understand our words or not, there is, in my opinion, no question that our dogs can read and sense our emotional states with great ease. If I come home from a bad day at work I try to put on my happy face before I go into the house, but my dogs can read past that, and bless their hearts they try to make me feel better and usually succeed with ease.

  18. grejotte
    | Reply

    Hey Zak! I really like your way to connect with your dog. But I’ve learned clicker training in a behavior animal school, and I’ve been told that it’s very important not to talk while clicker training. No talking, no touching, no moving, because this could confuse the dog and make what we want not clear enough. Have you heard about that? What do you think?

  19. animegirl13pain
    | Reply

    I think the key is to use the same tone of voice every time you ask your dog to do a command. Otherwise, they decide they know when the have a “choice” and when the “have to.” Also a HUGE thing is spending time with each other and learning about each other. One dog may be able to understand you differently than another. It gets really easy once you connect with your dog. If you give them the attention you should, they’ll be ALL into it. Both me and my dog get a lot of enjoyment out of training.

  20. theferry97
    | Reply

    zak i have a question. do i have to use the same training teqnique with my dog?

  21. mskitty083
    | Reply

    Responding to your question about connecting with my dog, I believe it begins with establishing trust, training with love, and clear expectations. When this foundation is solid, you move into a deeper emotional relationship, and like any other human connection, over time you learn to read body language and anticipate certain patterns of behavior. Both you and your dog get rewarded by making each other happy, and you have incredible life long bond.

  22. tweetyrocks911
    | Reply

    hahahaha i love this vid and i still don’t understand how to understand my dogs

  23. Macaification
    | Reply

    “Youยดre verry good at frisbee handsome” aaaaw ๐Ÿ™‚ I love when you talk to your dogs Zak, itยดs grate ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. OskarDog17
    | Reply

    hey Zak! in this vid as you were hugging your dog i was hugging my dog! i have a dog named Oskar, he is a dachshund, and i connect with my dog by doing everything i can with him. i take him to the creek at let him go swimming, i walk him i go out side with him i play with him inside, whenever i go to the pet store, even just to but fish food or filters or something i take him with me, i take him, to my grandmas house, my moms friends house, i mean i leave him home sometimes with my mom, ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. ernanimartins
    | Reply

    My female Sharpei talks to me by looking at me right in the eyes, and when I do think about what she wants I realize it has been already said, through eye contact.

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