Dog Training Group Class, Dog Whisperer Style

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dog Training Group Class Done with a Dog Whisper. Students learn to train like a dog whisperer in this video of group dog training classes done at K9-1. These dog training classes will work on large breeds like german shepherds, boxers, Labradors, Rottweilers, pit bulls, mastiffs, etc. Also these dog training classes can be used to become a trainer for your own dog with toy breeds such as yorkie, pomerianian, Chihuahua, etc. Really this dog training technique can work to train just about any dog off leash well. If you like the dog training you see feel free to subscribe and I will soon have more instructional dog training videos coming soon. Check out my dog training site at Sincerely, Mike D’Abruzzo New York

What do you think?

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18 Responses

  1. SpiritoftheGauntlets
    | Reply

    I love the way you train these animals! It’s rare these days to find trainers who actually know that we are the ones responsible for these animals! Where are you located? I have a german shepherd/rottweiler mix I’m training now, but it might be nice to have a professional opinion.

  2. k91dogtraining
    | Reply


    Thanks for the compliment. we’re in Peekskill, New York.


  3. vonedel
    | Reply

    Hi, I love watching your videos,and the methods used to train keep up the fantastic work 🙂

  4. thinklikeadog
    | Reply

    Any suggestions for getting the word out that TV’s “Dog Whisperer” is not a whisperer at all? I’m a “quiet” dog trainer in Vermont. Although his techniques change a dogs behavior, it really bothers me that people believe that what he does is that of a whisperer. I try to explain the origin of the term to those who ask about or refer to the TV program. What do you suggest? Thanks.

  5. thewowhelper
    | Reply

    im near you guys

  6. NYCdreamdogs
    | Reply

    I would suggest that you do what you do well and not worry about semantics.

  7. thinklikeadog
    | Reply

    Thank you, very much.

  8. Style386
    | Reply

    Does it have to be respect for them as “God’s” creation? I trained my dogs with respect for them as Darwin’s natural selection, as well as Man’s breading.

  9. Fleefles
    | Reply

    Mmm, breaded dog.

  10. Style386
    | Reply


  11. amberdragonstar
    | Reply

    Do you use no food at all?

  12. orangcurl
    | Reply

    I trained mine as doGs creation.

  13. InDogsWeTrust11
    | Reply

    Electronic shock collars. Praise becomes ‘rewarding’ to them because they have learned to avoid a painful shock when they hear praise.

  14. InDogsWeTrust11
    | Reply

    The reason some people might say they are relaxing is when used incorrectly they put the dogs (or other animals) into a state of learned helplessness. (afriad to do anything) They have to know how to avoid a correction or the dogs will be highly stressed. They are only for very experienced trainers, but really anything can be accomplished without them.

  15. orangcurl
    | Reply

    Praise and food are not the only altertatives.
    harsh corrections are not motavating.

  16. emailericchen
    | Reply

    Do you guys have experience with greyhounds?

  17. vidgirl4444
    | Reply

    thats awesome do you TREAT them???

  18. anticravity
    | Reply

    At what age should one start to train a Rottweiler or Schäferhund?

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