Dog Training – Fred Hassen and “Nash”

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Dog Training with Fred Hassen and “Nash” . A variety of dog training behaviors are shown here, and some of them in very quick fashion. Taking a dog in and out of drive in an instant, but while still maintaining motivation and spirit in obedience.

What do you think?

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10 Responses

  1. lockursoulnow
    | Reply

    A lab can do the same thing right?
    well if you try hard right because my lab is 7 weeks and he is a little lazy i can’t get him to start to sit when i want him to.. He sits when he wants after i tell him. help me with a tip please love the vid.

  2. AlexTutterrow
    | Reply

    Classic SMS I love it.

  3. igorciaco
    | Reply

    SIT MEANS SIT everything I saw in training dogs, you’re number one in the world, compliments be a greeting from italy

    ( NUMBER ONE )

  4. darrelhager
    | Reply

    This is Nash’s best video.

  5. janetathensbay
    | Reply

    Wonderful Dog! Does it take a particular type of breed to be able to train to work like this? How long did it take you to achieve this level of obedience with Nash? How many hours per day (average) do you work with a dog? Whatever, you are the best trainer I’ve ever seen. Janet

  6. fredhassen
    | Reply

    @janetathensbay It would need to be a dog that moves pretty well because obviously a big slow dog would not be able to do things as quickly. I put out a video every single day on this channel, so I do train daily.

  7. altexmex
    | Reply

    awsome trainning, very impressieve

  8. DarthScosha
    | Reply

    wow thats awesome

  9. latestgang250
    | Reply

    i have belgian malinoi mix with a dutch sheperd and i cant get it to lie down how do you do that

  10. ivanasimic1
    | Reply

    O man, I have malionis girl, how to learn her to not jump around me all the time. This is great training, but i would love to learn the first steps…

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